Article: Worldwide Sensation LNY TNZ Release Their Awesome Music Video For Their Track “Fired Up”! Watch Here! (@LNYTNZ)


Are YOU ready to get fired up?! From New York to Australia and many, many other places across the globe, worldwide DJ sensation: LNY TNZ is getting EDM lovers fired up with their incredible tracks! Recently, the immensely talented: LNY TNZ released their stellar track “Fired Up” featuring Ruthless and The Kemist and fans worldwide could not get enough of this energetic and invigorating hit! Now, LNY TNZ is bringing the heat with their brilliant music video for the track. With the music video shot in the Big Apple, LNY TNZ show NYC what it really is like to be the “City That Never Sleeps” and the track will have you up on your feet jumping up and down. A terrific track and a music video that is just as phenomenal – what else is there to say… LNY TNZ is unbeatable!


LNY TNZ never fails in bringing out some of the greatest EDM projects for all their fans! Their success continues to skyrocket and there is no surprise as to why with their indescribable talent! Be sure to check out LNY TNZ’s excellent music video for “Fired Up” at this link: and be sure to share it around to all your friends and family! You can listen to “Fired Up” on constant replay by buying the track at this link:

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