Article: Paris Berelc And Brielle Barbusca Look Stunning At Their Prom! (@ParisBerelc @BrielleBarbusca)


Prom season is in full swing and oh, so much excitement is going on Рfrom the prom dresses to the tuxedos to the incredible prom photos, prom is a blast for everyone Рeven your favorite celebrities like Paris Berelc and Brielle Barbusca! The incredibly talented and marvelous actresses: Paris Berelc and Brielle Barbusca looked beyond stunning, statuesque and so elegant as they attended their prom yesterday, May 9, 2015. These sophisticated ladies looked gorgeous in their flattering and awe-inspiring, black prom dresses. Paris Berelc and Brielle Barbusca are truly prom queens! Without a doubt, Paris Berelc and Brielle Barbusca always manage to exude classiness and elegance everywhere they go!

Paris Berelc tweeted, “Me and are troopers. We danced all night and wore our heels from start to finish.”

Brielle Barbusca wrote along with a photo she shared through her Twitter account, “ last night with these beauties”.

Brielle Barbusca and Paris Berelc are two of the greatest best-friends, ever. From taking brilliant polaroid photos to dancing the night away, it looks like Brielle Barbusca and Paris Berelc had a fabulous time at prom. Check out more photos below of the glamorous Brielle Barbusca and Paris Berelc at prom shared via their Twitter and Instagram accounts!

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