Article: Get Your Hair Summer Ready With The Luxurious Belegenza Hair Products & Use The Heat To Your Advantage!


It’s Memorial Day Weekend and it’s the start of something great, the start of something we all have been waiting for – the summertime! With every summer season comes loads of fun – beach days, vacations, summer concerts, baiting suits, BBQs, exciting water activities and the heat, heat, heat. Many of us know that as the heat increases, so does the possibility of damage to your hair; and I know what you all are thinking – “Oh, no!“. Well fear no more, because with the help of the luxurious and extraordinary Belegenza hair products, you will be able to get your hair summer ready and use the summer heat to help!

Three products – SpotLite Shrine Serum, EnCore Leave In Conditioner, or RoMANce Deep Conditioner – use any or all three of these spectacular and magnificent Belegenza hair products before you get ready to take a dive into that pool and you will be saving your hair from summer damage!

As stated in the press release, “Pop a bottle of SpotLite Shine Serum or EnCore Leave In Conditioner or RoMANce Deep Conditioner, and use one or all of these as the pony tail or braid dressing.  Done especially before swimming, this will fill the core of your hair, repelling nasties like chlorine or salt damage, and will use the heat to drive the conditioning and shine agents more deeply into the core for a “solar intense” treatment!  This will also fill in damage sites so that it will be less likely to absorb nasties on the following days.”

Who would’ve known that the summer heat, yes, the summer heat, can be your hair’s trusty assistant (when used along with Belegenza hair products, of course!) to get that glamorous summer hair you have always wanted!

I’m always a proud user of Belegenza hair products. On a full day of a red carpet event coverage or when I’m heading off to conduct an interview – I always use Belegenza to keep my hair looking red carpet ready. I know that I’ll be using Belegenza this summer to have my hair ready for anything – whether it be red carpet events or fun days on the beach!

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