Article: The Remarkable Merrell Twins Are Coming To NYC & Boston – Meet Them On The DigiTour!


They’re the stupendous YouTube sensations who make some of the most awe-inspiring and outstanding YouTube videos. They’re the wonderful actresses who have exhibited their talent in the fan-favorite show, Jane The Virgin. They’re the excellent musicians and all-around multi-threats. They’re the one, the only: Merrell Twins and they also so happen to be coming to NYC and Boston – can I get a “YAY, YAY”… YAY, YAY!

The gorgeous and marvelous Merrell Twins are joining the DigiTour and will be coming to New York City and Boston. They will be in New York City on June 6th and in Boston on June 7th. Head on over to and get your tickets to see the dazzling and effervescent Merrell Twins. They are truly one of a kind and the most amazing role models anyone can ask for. Go to to get your tickets so you can meet, hug and take selfies with the Merrell Twins!

Check out this extraordinary video the Merrell Twins shared regarding the DigiTour! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, will YOU be meeting the Merrell Twins in New York City or Boston? They are incredible!

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