Article: Guess Which “Bella And The Bulldogs” Star Just Got Her License! Find Out Here!


Getting your license is a big milestone in a person’s life! It starts a new life – the life on the road; and before any of us can become a licensed driver, we all have to do one thing – take the nerve wrecking drivers test. From parallel parking to doing a three-point turn, life on the road is just one step away after taking the test. Today, June 3, 2015 marked a very exciting day for one of Nickelodeon’s “Bella And The Bulldogs” stars as she is now officially a licensed driver!! Can you all guess who it is? Yup, it’s Nickelodeon’s princess herself – the bubbly and outstanding, Brec Bassinger!

The remarkable Brec Bassinger excitedly tweeted about getting her license and wrote, “I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE! And they gave me a perfect score on my parallel parking…This is what being a king feels like.”

big congratulations to the wonderful, incredible and admirable, Brec Bassinger on this stupendous accomplishment! Enjoy being on the road, Brec!

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