Article: Isabela Moner, Rio Mangini And More Celebrate Lilimar’s 15th Birthday!


Yesterday, June 2, 2015 was a very special day celebrating a very special, marvelous and magnificent, young lady’s birthday! The effervescent, fabulous and truly stupendous actress: Lilimar celebrated her fifteenth birthday celebration yesterday and was joined by many of her fantastic friends. Isabela Moner, Rio Mangini, Brady Reiter, and Allegra Acosta had an excellent time celebrating Lilimar’s birthday. The night was full of laughs and tons of remarkable photos that Lilimar shared with all of her fans on her Instagram account. Being the fashion icon she truly is, Lilimar also shared a photo of her outfit of the night, and it looked phenomenal. Lilimar always rocks the greatest outfits! Love her wardrobe!

Lilimar shared the outstanding photo above through her Instagram account and wrote, “Thank you to my favess for coming to my bday dinner!! Y’all already know how much I love and appreciate yaa ❤️❤️❤️ I had SO much fun with y’all!! 👄”.

Check out more photos below of the wonderful Lilimar having a great time celebrating her birthday with her spectacular friends: Rio Mangini, Isabela Moner, Allegra Acosta and Brady Reiter!

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