Article: Nickelodeon Premieres First Promo Of “Talia In The Kitchen”! Learn All About The Show Here!


Nickelodeon gets cookin’ with another phenomenal, masterpiece of a show! If you tuned in to the premiere of the highly-anticipated show, “100 Things To Do Before High School”, you saw the premiere of the first promo for Nickelodeon’s all new, incredible show, “Talia In The Kitchen”! Meet 14-year-old, Talia who spends time with her grandmother during the summer at her family’s restaurant. During her time at the family’s restaurant, Talia begins to notice something… she has the power to cook some of the greatest and most delicious meals! “Talia In The Kitchen” is bound to be another remarkable and outstanding show and has such a stellar and brilliant cast! “Talia In The Kitchen” stars Maria Quezada, Liam Obergfoll, Ellis Ann Jackson, Miguel Luciano, Joshua Hoffman, Ethan Estrada and many more.

Let’s take a look at some exciting tweets the fantastic “Talia In The Kitchen” cast shared:

Maria Quezada: “The first promo just aired for @nickelodeontv ‘s new show #taliainthekitchen ! So blessed & thankful to be part of it! Don’t miss it coming soon this Summer!! #talia

Liam Obergfoll: “The new series Talia in the Kitchen will be coming your way this July!!!! I’m so excited to tell you all this!!! Stay tuned!”

Ellis Ann Jackson: “hey guys! I’m so excited to announce that I’m on Nickelodeon’s brand new show ‘Talia in the Kitchen’! I play Valerie, the amazing best friend(who happened to have red hair). New episodes every week night at 7:30 starting July 6th! Click the link in my bio to check our web page on thank you to all who have supported me and i’m so happy to be apart of the Nickelodeon family! #Talia #TaliaInTheKitchen“.

Miguel Luciano: “And now it is time to announce…. Feels good! So grateful to be a part of the brand new NICKELODEON show, “Talia in the Kitchen”! So many months of hard work, with a truly spectacular cast and crew… Make sure to tune in! Premiering July 6th! @nickelodeontv#Talia“.

Joshua Hoffman: “Guys!!!! I’m on nicks new show Talia in the Kitchen!!!! Airing this July!!!!!”.

Ethan Estrada: “So exited to announce I’m part of the new show. Nickelodeon”

What outstanding and exceptional news! I can’t wait to see the premiere of “Talia In The Kitchen” on July 6th on Nickelodeon which will air every week night at 7:30 PM! Head on over to: to learn all about the show and its amazing characters and see a clip of “A Surprise For Talia”! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to see “Talia In The Kitchen” – I know I am!

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