Article: Watch The Official Trailer Of “One Crazy Cruise” Here! PLUS Another Sneak Peek!


Cruises are always a blast – going on the seas, enjoying the cruise activities, and visiting new places! What a wonderful vacation – when things go right! The Jensen-Bauers are newly formed siblings and to celebrate the summer fun, they all go on an exciting cruise together, however, things don’t really go as planned. After one crazy night that leads to an even crazier day, Ellie, Piper, Cameron and Nate must work together to find a solution to all the craziness that has happened before their parents find out! Nickelodeon is known for making masterpieces and has created another masterpiece with the highly-anticipated, upcoming movie, “One Crazy Cruise” which is set to premiere on June 19th at 8:00 PM!

To get fans even more excited for the upcoming movie, Nickelodeon released the official trailer for the movie! Nickelodeon also shared another fabulous sneak peek to the movie called, “What Happened Last Night?” where the Jensen-Bauer siblings find themselves really wondering… “what DID happen last night?” Ellie (played by Kira Kosarin) has an anchor tattoo, there are ping pong balls on the floor and Nate is covered in purple goo! Check out the sneak peek at this link:

Check out the official trailer of Nickelodeon’s “One Crazy Cruise” below and mark your calendars for the stupendous premiere on June 19th! With a remarkable and extraordinary cast and one entertaining story – this movie is bound to be another sensation!

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