Article: Nickelodeon Princess Turns Into A Mermaid – “Behind The Scenes” Of Brec Bassinger’s “Project Mermaids” Photo-shoot!


For anyone that ever questioned as to whether or not mermaids are real, well, your answer is here! Nickelodeon princess, the sensational Brec Bassinger turned into a mermaid today, June 20, 2015 at her “Project Mermaids” photo-shoot. “Project Mermaids” is known for its creative and awe-inspiring photo-shoots with many of your favorite celebrities who they have artistically turned into mermaids for the day! The outstanding Brec Bassinger looked beyond stunning at her “Project Mermaids” photo-shoot and let’s just say, her amazing photo-shoot makes us truly believe that mermaids are real!

Brec Bassinger shared the photo above through her Twitter account and wrote, “Who needs a thigh gap anyways? “.

The effervescent Brec Bassinger also tweeted, “I get to fulfill my dream and BE A MERMAID TODAY “.

“Project Mermaids” shared some more fabulous and mesmerizing “behind the scenes” photos from Brec Bassinger’s photo-shoot as seen below! Phenomenal “Project Mermaids” photo-shoot, Brec! We all can’t wait to see more photos! Brec looks so gorgeous as always!

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