Article: The “Every Witch Way” Cast Enjoys 80’s Prom Night At The Series Finale Wrap Party!


The magic, the spells, and a whole four seasons filled with mesmerizing and stupendous episodes – although the fourth season of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, top-ranked, hit TV show, “Every Witch Way” is the final season, the wonderful memories of “Every Witch Way” will forever live on. The all-star, remarkable, exceptional “Every Witch Way” along with the outstanding crew, extraordinary director: Clayton Boen and the genius, Catha Ledeboer have made memories together and memories for all the “Every Witch Way” fans to always remember. All seasons of “Every Witch Way” were filled with the most entertaining and awe-inspiring episodes and without a doubt this fourth season will be the best one yet! The “Every Witch Way” cast celebrated 80’s prom night at their season four / series finale wrap party yesterday, June 20, 2015. It was a bittersweet moment for everyone but the night was definitely a blast and one to remember for everyone!

Take a look at all the marvelous photos below shared by the “Every Witch Way” cast at the series finale wrap party. Also, have a look at the tweets the “Every Witch Way” cast sent out regarding their final season! Be sure to tune in to the season four premiere of “Every Witch Way” on July 6th!

Photo Credits: Melissa Carcache, Katie Barberi, Jason Drucker, Louis Tomeo, Nick Merico and Autumn Wendel 

Paola Andino: “Time to get ready and celebrate during the wrap party!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been an unforgettable 3 years working on this show.”

Rahart Adams: “Still can’t believe I just filmed my last ever scene for every witch way…”.

Nick Merico: “Just had the last table read for I’m going to miss laughing through the entire read. a cast like this is one in a million”.

Tyler Alvarez: “In makeup about to film my last 2 scenes of . Really going to miss this place and all the people in it “.

Paris Smith: “Last night was so emotional. We shot the very last scene of the final episode. Today I film my last scene of Season 4. It’s so surreal”.

Zoey Burger: “the last table read… aka “tears”. When the cast cries, we cry as a family. I’m never going to forget you guys. I love you.”.

Denisea Wilson: “Can’t believe today is my last day filming my last scene ever for “.

Autumn Wendel: “That’s a wrap on ! It’s been three years with memories and people I will never forget “.

Daniela Nieves: “Wow …Just read the last episode of season 4 & it srsly brought me to tears !! Cant wait for you guys to watch it !!! “.

Melissa Carcache: “That’s a wrap on Every Witch Way! I’m going to miss u guys so much! I love you!”.

Louis Tomeo: “What a great wrap party with an amazing cast! Thank you EWW fans!! “.

Jason Drucker: “ need I say more miss you already”.

Elizabeth Elias: “Here we go….its a bittersweet day”.

Mia Matthews: “Tomorrow is the last day of filming for . I’ll be snapchatting so join me on our last day. Miamatthews110″.

Katie Barberi: “These people… They have a piece of my <3 #EveryWitchWaySeason4 #WrapParty #ILoveAllOfYou #TilWeMeetAgain”.

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