Article: The “Talia In The Kitchen” Cast Has A Blast At The “Every Witch Way” Wrap Party!


The 80’s are back! July 6th is the day we ALL have been waiting for because it is filled with back-to-back premieres of two phenomenal Nickelodeon shows – the fourth and final season premiere of “Every Witch Way” and the premiere of Nickelodeon’s highly-anticipated show, “Talia In The Kitchen”. Yesterday, June 20, 2015, the outstanding and marvelous “Every Witch Way” cast brought back the 80’s at their 80’s prom night inspired wrap party! The “Talia In The Kitchen”cast including: Maria Quezada, Gail Soltys, Galilea La Salvia, Liam Obergfoll, Ellis Ann Jackson, Ethan Estrada, Joshua Hoffman and Victor Wallace all had a fabulous time at the “Every Witch Way” season four wrap party!

Check out these fantastic photos of the “Talia In The Kitchen” cast at the “Every Witch Way” wrap party below! I’m so glad everyone had an excellent time at the event! Be sure to catch the premiere of the magical and stupendous, Nickelodeon show, “Talia In The Kitchen” on July 6th!

Photo Credits: Galilea La Salvia, Ethan Estrada, Ellis Ann Jackson, Louis Tomeo, and Joshua Hoffman 

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