VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Extraordinary Louis Tomeo “Every Witch Way” Season 4 Premiere Twitter Takeover RECAP!


July 6th was the day that people all over have been waiting for – the day that marks the magical, highly-anticipated, stupendous premiere of the fourth and final season of Nickelodeon’s highly-acclaimed, top-ranked, hit TV show, “Every Witch Way”. “Every Witch Way” is known for many things – having an incredibly talented, accomplished and magnificent cast and crew, amazing and epic episodes and tons and tons of magic. “Every Witch Way” is back and better than ever with one of its greatest seasons yet! The fourth and final season of the incredible “Every Witch Way” has a lot in store and there is one question that pops up right away in just the first few minutes of the premiere episode… “Daniel, who?”.

The premiere episode of season four of “Every Witch Way” was epic, intense, and jaw-dropping. Viewers are left wondering what happened to Daniel and why Emma is the only one who remembers who Daniel is. As always, the episode leaves all viewers wanting more and the season four premiere of “Every Witch Way” was another spectacular success!

To add onto the magic of this magical day, Alexisjoyvipaccess had the stupendous, extraordinary, immensely talented and consummate actor, Louis Tomeo celebrate the premiere of season four of “Every Witch Way” with a VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE Twitter Takeover on Alexisjoyvipaccess! Fans were able to watch the season four premiere episode with the one and only, excellent Louis Tomeo and not only that, fans were also able to send in their burning questions to the fantastic Louis Tomeo and he answered them right on the Alexisjoyvipaccess Twitter! What better way to celebrate the “Every Witch Way” season four premiere than by watching it with Louis Tomeo?!

Louis Tomeo is truly one admirable, accomplished, young man! Louis Tomeo’s incredible charm and charisma in addition to his indescribable talent wins over the hearts of viewers worldwide. The exceptional Louis Tomeo exhibits his wonderful acting skills so effortlessly and does everything with such professionalism. To say Louis Tomeo is taking the entertainment world by storm is truly an understatement and he is well on his way to becoming a household name! Alexisjoyvipaccess had the great honor of having Louis Tomeo do a Twitter Takeover on the Alexisjoyvipaccess Twitter again after a phenomenal Louis Tomeo Twitter Takeover on the season three premiere!

Missed Louis Tomeo’s Twitter Takeover on Alexisjoyvipaccess? No worries, this article is for YOU! Take a look at a recap of Louis Tomeo’s amazing Twitter Takeover on Alexisjoyvipaccess below. Thanks for a marvelous Twitter Takeover, Louis!

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Louis Tomeo: “I will be taking over the Twitter of at 7pm EST…anybody wanna watch the premier with me?”

Louis Tomeo: “Get your questions ready! Use or tag and I will answer starting at 7pm EST!”

Louis Tomeo: “Who’s Daniel??? Is everyone watching with me? Lemme know your questions!! (Louis)”

Louis Tomeo: “WOW! Everything is all mixed up! Too many Jaxes and if there’s no Daniel, then…!!!”

Louis Tomeo: “Those Australians seem to be multiplying!! “.

Louis Tomeo: “Thank you everyone! Enjoy Season 4! -Louis Tomeo”.

Louis Tomeo: “Thank you for letting me take over your Twitter! And thanks to all who sent questions…enjoy Season 4! “.

Fan Questions 

@Miranda_Paredes: if u could be any cast member of EWW for a day, who would u be and why?

Louis Tomeo: If I could be any cast member for a day, I’d be so I could be taller! (Louis)

@BellaQueenLover: where the T3?

Louis Tomeo: Dunno! But if there’s no Daniel, then…

@CrazyChrystal_: did you have any embarrassing moments on set?

Louis Tomeo: Yes! First scene of S4 and I could NOT spit out my line!

@QueenUtubeVine: what are you going to miss the most from eww

Louis Tomeo: Being around the cast

@MyLifeAsMaddi: How tall are you?

Louis Tomeo: I’m 5’4″

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