Article: Digital Media Superstars Turn Into Toys In The Spectacular New, Line “Tube Heroes”!


Photo Credit: Press Release 

From gaming, to fashion, cooking and more – YouTube videos and content creators have taken over the world by storm! Digital media superstars are getting turned into toys with the new, spectacular toy line “Tube Heroes” which is going to be everyone’s latest obsession! “Tube Heroes” will include action figures, plush toys and role play accessories inspired by some of your favorite video-gaming content creators including Captain Sparklez, Sky, JeromeASF, AshleyMariee, Exploding TNT, AntVenom, CavemanFilms and more. Jazwares is giving YouTube fans the opportunity to engage with their favorite online superstars both on and offline.

Judd Zebersky, CEO of Jazwares, stated, “Digital media stars are the celebrities of this generation. They are real, everyday people who inspire millions of followers with their creative content and authentic commentary, and who have amassed highly engaged communities centered on their personal interests. Tube Heroes celebrates these influential individuals and their loyal fans in a signature toy line unlike any other” (source: press release).

Sounds magnificent, doesn’t it? Wait until you hear this! Jazwares is planning to expand the “Tube Heroes” line to other YouTube video categories including fashion, comedy and sports. According to the press release, “Tube Heroes will come from all corners of the digital universe,” explained Zebersky. “Our goal is to offer an exclusive but varied collection of characters and products that appeal to fans across a broad spectrum of interests. We aren’t limiting ourselves or this collection in any way. You never know when or where a new ‘hero’ will emerge.”

“Tube Heroes” is such a remarkable and outstanding toy line that will be a sensation amongst everyone of all ages! What a great way to celebrate all the amazing YouTube content creators and digital media superstars who we all know and love! You can check out the “Tube Heroes” line in Toys ‘R Us stores. For more information on “Tube Heroes”, visit: and to see all of the amazing Jazwares toy lines visit:

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