VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Watch A Sneak Peek Of The Fine Brothers’ New Show “Six Degrees Of Everything”!


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You know the term “Six Degrees Of Separation”, well now, digital media moguls: The Fine Brothers are showing viewers how everything, yes, everything can be connected in just six degrees. The Fine Brothers are truly some of the most creative individuals that have ever walked this planet. Rafi and Benny Fine could be described in one word – geniuses and despite their incredible and massive success, including having over a whopping 17 million subscribers on YouTube and generating over 140 million viewers each month, The Fine Brothers are two of the most genuine and down-to-earth people you could ever meet. After meeting and interviewing The Fine Brothers during my coverage of Vidcon, I can say that The Fine Brothers are two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. Their kindness, their intelligence and their humble persona is just awe-inspiring and that alone is impressive in addition to their creativity and unique content they create. The Fine Brothers are worldwide phenomenons. 

The Fine Brothers recently gave a sneak peek to their new truTV show, “Six Degrees Of Everything” which is set to premiere on August 18, 2015 at 9:30 PM ET / PT. According to the press release, “truTV’s brand new series Six Degrees of Everything is a fast-paced, comedic show hosted by online superstars Bennyand Rafi Fine (Kids React), who spend each week proving that anything in the world – and we mean anything – can be connected in six degrees. Using every tool in their belt, from sketch comedy to original songs and reality segments, the guys take viewers down the comedic rabbit hole, uncovering fascinating facts and connecting our world in hilarious, inventive ways.”

The press release also stated, “In the series’ outrageous premiere, the Fine brothers are going to take viewers on a wild journey as they connect Albert Einstein to breast implants in just six short degrees. Along the way, they discover that Einstein’s brain was actually stolen, Elvis was known to eat an 8,000-calorie sandwich, the Incredible Hulk was originally a different color, and car tires were once used for breast implants.”

Take a sneak peek look at The Fine Brothers’ all new truTV show, “Six Degrees of Everything” at this link: and be sure to tune in on August 18th to see The Fine Brothers’ remarkable, new show!

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  1. That was a splendid interview / write up you did with the Fine Brothers who I classify as First Rate amazing wonderful and real fine just like their name You Tubers … wish there’re more like them .

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