Article: Ovation And RocketHub Team Up To Launch Creative Studio And Help Make Individuals’ Dreams Come True!


Photo Credits: Ovation and RocketHub 

You have a phenomenal idea for a short film, a documentary, a book or a painting; but there is just one thing, you don’t have the funding to make your vision come alive. Many creative individuals go through this and now Ovation and RocketHub have teamed up to help many individuals’ dreams come true! Ovation and RocketHub have just recently announced that they are launching Creative Studio, a crowd funding idea that gives artists and creators the opportunity to obtain $5000 for their project / idea and even get the chance to be on TV! Creative Studio is set to launch this October. According to the press release, “Creative Studio will provide valuable pre-launch tips and training, marketing support, on-air promotion on Ovation TV, social media marketing and on-going support throughout fund-raising campaigns. Additionally, Creative Studio will offer artists and content creators a proven strategy for generating successful funding for their projects”.

Charles Segars, CEO of Ovation stated, “As an independent network, Ovation is committed to empowering the next generation of artists. We are inspired and motivated by the level of talent in the independent artistic community; by partnering with a crowdfunding platform, the launch of Creative Studio extends our core mission in a new and innovative way. Creative Studio addresses a very real obstacle that many artists face in obtaining funding for their projects and furthers Ovation’s commitment to the arts and digital expansion.” (source: press release).

Do YOU have an idea / vision? Then, you may be what Ovation and RocketHub are looking for! Individuals can submit an idea for consideration at this link: between August 4th and September 4th and submissions will be reviewed by experts in the arts, crowd funding and television fields. Each of the top three projects will be awarded $5000 to kickstart their project idea with Creative Studio and even have a chance to be on TV.

Brian Meece, CEO of RocketHub stated, ““By working with Ovation, we are offering an amazing opportunity for artists to raise awareness for their projects, as well as providing them with the freedom to act on their vision with full creative control. The $5,000 incentive is an incredible way to boost a crowdfunding campaign, so we encourage creators to submit their projects today!”

Ovation and RocketHub are truly inspiring everyone to follow after their dreams with the launch of Creative Studio! Be sure to submit your idea at this link: and you may have the chance to be awarded $5000 and be on TV!

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