Article: The Multi-talented Nick Merico Releases “Cheerleader / Jack & Diane” Mashup – Watch Here PLUS Check Out His Merch!


We all love his incredible acting skills as we saw him in the spectacular Nickelodeon TV show, “Every Witch Way” and we all truly love his sensational music just as much! The multi-talented and profound musician / actor: Nick Merico has just released his “Cheerleader / Jack & Diane” acoustic mash-up and it is absolutely extraordinary! Nick Merico has such an indescribable talent and excels in everything he does! Nick Merico exhibits his harmonious vocals so effortlessly in his remarkable “Cheerleader / Jack & Diane” mashup! He truly is such a gifted and accomplished individual!

Nick Merico tweeted, “OMI- Cheerleader, Jack & Diane Mashup (Acoustic) I hope everyone enjoys it !:) “.

In addition to his “Cheerleader / Jack & Diane” mashup, Nick Merico has a lot more excitement to share with his fans! Nick Merico has just recently released his very own merchandise that everyone can get! From phone cases to tank-tops, it’s time to buy your Nick Merico gear and rock it everywhere and anywhere you go! Buy your Nick Merico gear at this link: .

Check out Nick Merico’s outstanding “Cheerleader / Jack & Diane” mash-up below and be sure to share it around to all your friends and family! Also, stay tuned as the magnificent Nick Merico will be releasing his very own, new single very soon titled, “What You Gonna Say”. I definitely can’t wait to hear it! Exceptional cover, Nick!

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