Article: Brec Bassinger Looks Gorgeous In A “Behind The Scenes” Photo At Her NAKED Magazine Photo-shoot!


What a gorgeous, young lady! On September 5, 2015, the lovely and vivacious “Bella and the Bulldogs” star, Brec Bassinger got ready for her close-up and had a blast at her Naked Magazine photo-shoot. Looking stunning in a beautiful dress and hat, Brec Bassinger looked phenomenal and so uber chic, as always!

The wonderful Brec Bassinger shared a “behind-the-scenes” photo from her photo-shoot with Naked Magazine, as seen above, on her Instagram account and wrote, “Behind the scenes photo shoot fun”.

It looks like Brec Bassinger had an extraordinary time at her photo-shoot with Naked Magazine! We all can’t wait to see more pictures from her photo-shoot – everything and anything the magnificent Brec Bassinger does always turns out spectacular!

Follow Brec Bassinger on Twitter and Instagram: @BrecBassinger

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