Article: Kira Kosarin Is The Splitting Image Of Her Mother – See The Wonderful Picture Here!


Two beautiful ladies and two incredibly talented dancers – they also so happen to be mother / daughter! Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans” star, Kira Kosarin shared a terrific and incredible photo today through her Twitter account and let’s just say, she is the splitting image of her mother – two stunning ladies!

Along with the photo, as seen above, that Kira Kosarin shared, Kira wrote, “You know what they say… Like mother like daughter ;)”.

In addition to being such a wonderful and spectacular actress, Kira Kosarin proves how much of a multi-threat she is by being a sensational and gifted dancer! I found this photo so amazing how Kira Kosarin and her mother both share such a great passion for dancing and Kira Kosarin inspires all of her fans to work on what they are passionate about! Amazing photo, Kira!

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