Article: Jillian Rose Reed Produces And Stars In Her Kickstarter Project, “Elevator Stories”!


Talk about one prolific, young lady! Fans worldwide know the amazing and effervescent Jillian Rose Reed for her phenomenal and wonderful role in MTV’s highly-acclaimed, hit TV show, “Awkward”. Keeping busy with the hit MTV show, Jillian Rose Reed has added yet another wonderful project onto her endless list of projects and accomplishments. Jillian Rose Reed has just launched her latest project on Kickstarter called “Elevator Stories”. “Elevator Stories” is a web series that is produced by Jillian Rose Reed and will be a project that she will also star in as well. Actress and producer? What a multi-threat!

According to the press release, “Elevator Stories is a modern-day love story told through glimpses into the bizarre world of Ezabel (serial dater) and Samantha (comic book artist), by way of their apartment building elevator. Each episode is a page out of Samantha’s comic book about the happenings among the building’s diverse (and often a little crazy) inhabitants, including Samantha’s best friend/roommate Bonnie and a good majority of Ezabel’s recent exes: Adam, Tatiana, and (her future ex) Frank.”

“Elevator Stories” also stars Hayley Marie Norman, Sujata Day, Oskar Rodriguez and Nicole Percent. You can check out Jillian Rose Reed’s Kickstarter project, “Elevator Stories” at this link: Any project the admirable and stupendous Jillian Rose Reed takes on is truly a masterpiece! Be sure to check out “Elevator Stories” and don’t forget to share it around to all your friends and family on all your social media networks! Congrats on another excellent project, Jillian! 

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