Article: Nickelodeon Greenlights New Show “I Wanna Be” Hosted By Cam Newton Encouraging Kids To Follow Their Dreams!


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What is YOUR biggest dream in life that you wish would come true? Is it playing for an NFL team or acting on a hit Nickelodeon TV show? Is it performing on stage in front of thousands of people or creating your own fashion line? Whatever dream you may have, the most important thing is to follow your dreams and work hard to make it a reality, which is exactly what two-time NFL pro bowl quarterback, Cam Newton is inspiring kids to do in the upcoming Nickelodeon docu-series titled, “I Wanna Be”. Nickelodeon has just announced its pick-up of a 20 episode docu-series called, “I Wanna Be” which will focus on Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton as he brings children on adventures that help them follow after their dreams.

According to the press release, “In each episode Newton will step into the lives of two different kids and take them on a journey that will push them closer to fulfilling their dreams. From decorating award-winning cakes, to landing a spot on a Broadway stage, kids will be mentored by experts and supported by Newton as he cheers them on, and participates in the action, every step of the way. ” The press release had stated that the show is set to air in 2016 and will be filmed during the NFL off-seasons.

Excited for this incredible project that he will embark on as both a host and executive producer, Cam Newton stated, “Time in the spotlight has made me realize the importance of creating positive messages to inspire the next generation. I’m very passionate about mentoring young people, and this show will be the perfect opportunity to help talented kids get the chance to pursue their dreams. And to be able to do it all on Nickelodeon – a network I grew up watching – is extremely exciting” (source: press release). The series will also be executive produced by Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves.

After hearing this spectacular news that the stupendous Nickelodeon has brought out, we all can’t help but get extremely excited over this upcoming docu-series. Nickelodeon brings out some of the most entertaining and magical TV shows and every single show on Nickelodeon also teaches viewers sensational lessons and motivates viewers to follow after their dreams! “I Wanna Be” is another one of Nickelodeon’s masterpieces!

Let’s learn a little more about “I Wanna Be” host, Cam Newton, “Born May 11, 1989 in College Park, GA, Cam Newton began playing football at a young age. He dominated backyard games with his older brother and friends. After an impressive junior year at Westlake High School, Newton was heavily recruited by colleges throughout the U.S., ranking #2 on the 2007 prospect list. Newton won the 2010 Heisman and led Auburn to the 2011 BCS National Championship. Newton was selected by the Carolina Panthers as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He broke several NFL records during his rookie season and garnered honors such as the Pepsi Rookie of the Year Award and AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Honors. After an historic rookie season with 4,051 passing yards, Newton continued his success reaching 3,869 passing yards in his sophomore year. He broke Peyton Manning’s record for most passing yards in a player’s first two seasons and was selected to the Pro Bowl in the 2011 and 2013 seasons. Newton is the only player in the modern era to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in the same one-year span.” (source: press release)

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