Article: Sending Thoughts And Prayers To Jake Miller! His Wonderful Grandpa Is Watching Over Him And Is So Proud!


We all would like to send our deepest condolences to the remarkable Jake Miller on the recent passing of his grandfather. Jake Miller just shared a very touching and heart-warming post that truly brought tears to everyone’s eyes in tribute of his grandfather.

Along with the magnificent photo above that Jake Miller shared through his Instagram account, Jake wrote, “Rest in peace Papa… You were such an amazing person and I’m gonna miss everything about you. 91 years old. You lived one hell of an extraordinary life. I’m so lucky that you were able to experience so many different chapters of my life and I know you’ll be watching down and cheering me on as the rest of the chapters unfold. From the bleachers at my baseball games to the back of the venue at my shows, you were always my biggest fan. You’re probably up there right now taking sick pictures, telling World War II stories, and teaching people how to illegally download movies. I love you Papa and I’ll miss you everyday! Rest in peace.”

Jake Miller even shared the phenomenal tweet as seen below:

It’s clear to see that Jake Miller had such a spectacular and strong bond with his amazing grandfather who definitely inspired and influenced him in so many wonderful ways. Without a doubt, Jake Miller’s grandfather is continuing to watch over Jake and is very proud of the humble, genuine and incredibly talented individual he continues to be. Here at, I’d like to send all of my thoughts and prayers to Jake Miller and his family!

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