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Article: We Can’t Help Ourselves From Listening To Jake Miller And Cade’s New Song “Can’t Help Myself” On Constant Repeat!

29 Jan
Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Instagram

Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Instagram

We all know singing phenomenon Jake Miller for bringing out some of the greatest musical masterpieces, so whenever he releases a new project, we always drop whatever we’re doing and fall in love within a millisecond with whatever he released. Well, it looks like the immensely talented Jake Miller is at it again leaving everyone mesmerized with an incredible, new song he just brought out to all of his fans titled, “Can’t Help Myself.” Jake Miller produced and wrote the song with his good friend and fellow phenomenal musician, Cade.

We love how Jake Miller is making his own beats and producing his own music. It’s so great to see how this outstanding musician is always getting his creative juices flowing.

Jake Miller tweeted about producing his own music and said:

Jake also shared his excitement over the release of his new song and tweeted:

Cade tweeted:

We totally can’t help ourselves from listening to Jake Miller and Cade’s song “Can’t Help Myself” on constant repeat! Be sure to take a listen to it here and don’t forget to share it around to all of your friends and family on all of your social media networks. We definitely can’t wait for more music from Jake Miller!

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Article: Jake Miller Looked Super Cool At 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball! (@JakeMiller)

3 Dec
Photo Credits: Zimbio

Photo Credits: Zimbio

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s also the time for us all to enjoy some of our favorite musicians performing at the many Jingle Ball concerts that will be taking place throughout this holiday season. Singing sensation, the internationally acclaimed Jake Miller looked super cool as he had a blast attending 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball yesterday, December 2, 2016 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The incredibly talented “Overnight” singer had an excellent time at the event and looked phenomenal rocking a custom made leather jacket from Christopher Lowman.

The outstanding Jake Miller wrote along with a photo he shared through his Instagram account, “LA Jingle Ball last night ❄️ Thanks for having me @1027kiisfm! Rockin that custom @christopherlowman.”

It looks like Jake Miller had a sensational time at last night’s Jingle Ball. Check out some more photos below of the extraordinary Jake Miller at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball and be sure to catch Jake Miller on his “The Overnight” tour.

Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, have you gotten your tickets already to see Jake Miller on tour? What city will you be seeing him perform at?

Photo Credits: Zimbio

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Article: When Is Jake Miller’s “Overnight” Music Video With Simone Biles Coming Out Because We Need To See It ASAP! Behind The Scenes Look Here!

24 Sep
Photo Credits: @Simone_Biles on Twitter

Photo Credits: @Simone_Biles on Twitter

Ever since singing sensation Jake Miller came out with his masterpiece of an EP titled, “Overnight,” we’ve been nothing short of obsessed, and it looks like we aren’t the only ones! In fact, America’s hero, the iconic Olympic Gold medalist in gymnastics, Simone Biles loves it too and even shared a video of herself and Laurie Hernandez jamming out to Jake Miller’s incredible tune! Needless to say, when we found out that Jake Miller was going to be filming his “Overnight” music video, we all couldn’t be anymore excited, and we were even more thrilled to find out who will be starring in the music video!

Well, it turns out that none other than the stupendous Simone Biles herself is in Jake Miller’s “Overnight” music video – excuse us while we fangirl hardcore! Jake Miller announced the news as seen in the tweet below:

We were super excited to find out the news and we loved how Jake Miller kept us all updated on his fun day of filming with Simone Biles through his Snapchat.

Simone Biles even shared some behind-the-scenes pics from the music video shoot and we are getting #TheFeels. When is this music video coming out because we need to see it ASAP!

Simone Biles tweeted:

Jake Miller then came out to support Simone Biles at the Staples Center. He shared the excellent photo as seen below on his Twitter account.

We love seeing Jake Miller and Simone Biles’ exceptional friendship and how they support each other. We’re totally counting down the days until Jake Miller’s “Overnight” music video starring Simone Biles comes out and our excitement is at a whole different level!

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Article: You Have To See Wesley Stromberg And Spencer Sutherland’s Incredible Cover Of Jake Miller’s “Overnight!”

5 Sep
Photo Credits: Wesley Stromberg YouTube

Photo Credits: Wesley Stromberg YouTube

What happens when you put together two of our favorite musicians singing another one of our favorite musician’s hit songs? You basically get a musical masterpiece that is Wesley Stromberg and Spencer Sutherland’s magnificent cover of Jake Miller’s amazing song “Overnight.” The fact that Wesley Stromberg, Spencer Sutherland and Jake Miller are excellent buddies just makes us all oh, so incredibly happy; but knowing that they even cover each other’s songs – now that’s #FriendshipGoals.

Wesley Stromberg and Spencer Sutherland’s phenomenal vocals makes us want to listen to their cover of Jake Miller’s excellent song over and over again. Excuse us while we all totally swoon over this video and press the replay button about ten more times!

Wesley Stromberg shared the video as seen below through his Twitter account.

Spencer Sutherland tweeted:

Check out Wesley Stromberg and Spencer Sutherland’s cover of Jake Miller’s “Overnight” below! Anybody else totally wanting to see Jake Miller, Spencer Sutherland and Wesley Stromberg make a song together now?

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Article: Jake Miller Creates Masterpieces With All Of His New Music! Check Out The List Of Songs On His “Overnight” EP Here!

12 Aug
Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

After keeping up with him on all of his social media networks, we have been seeing that Jake Miller has been working incredibly hard in the studio to create some more of his phenomenal music that we all love listening to. His hard work has truly payed off as Jake Miller has already released two, new singles off of his “Overnight” EP and they are both sensational. Jake Miller first released “Overnight” and after hearing it and listening to it 24/7, we could only imagine how stupendous his EP will turn out to be.

Now, Jake Miller has just released his other new single titled “Good Thing” and it is extraordinary. Hey Jake, we got a good thing going on with all of your magnificent, new music!

Jake Miller shared the tweet as seen below.

It’s so outstanding how Jake Miller continues to create masterpieces after masterpieces with all of his music. Jake Miller also released the titles of all of the songs off of his “Overnight” EP as seen below.

Needless to say, we are so pumped for the release of Jake Miller’s “Overnight” EP and we can’t wait to listen to it on constant repeat. You can preorder “Overnight” now on iTunes at this link. Here at Alexisjoyvipaccess.com, I’d like to send a big congratulations to Jake Miller on his spectacular EP and awe-inspiring accomplishments!

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Article: Jake Miller Brought His Lovely Sister With Him To The 2016 Teen Choice Awards!

31 Jul
Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

With his new single coming out super soon and the highly-anticipated release of his upcoming EP “Overnight,” words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly excited we all are for all that is going on in the music-filled and hectic life of singing sensation Jake Miller! After heading out to the Maxim Hot 100 Party yesterday, Jake Miller had an outstanding time as he attended the 2016 Teen Choice Awards today, July 31, 2016 at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

The phenomenal Jake Miller brought his lovely sister with him at the event. It is so wonderful to see how not only is Jake Miller an exceptional musician, but he is also so family-oriented and such a genuine and humble individual!

Jake Miller wrote along with a photo he shared through his Instagram account, “Teen Choice Awards with the sis.”

Jake Miller looked super dandy as he attended the event and he was styled by TopMan. The magnificent Jake Miller had a blast on the teal carpet of the event and he even spilled on who would be his vice president if he ever ran for president. Find out in the video below!

Check out more photos below of the extraordinary Jake Miller with his sister at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards! I’m glad they both had a terrific time at the event!

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Article: Jake Miller Is #Goals When It Comes To Music Festivals! Check Out His Firefly Experience Here!

19 Jun
Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

Photo Credits: @JakeMiller on Twitter

Not only does singing sensation Jake Miller bring out the most phenomenal and exceptional music we have ever heard, but he also is our #goals when it comes to music festivals! The incredibly talented Jake Miller had a remarkable time as he attended the Firefly music festival this past weekend in Delaware. The magnificent Jake Miller had a blast watching all of the excellent performances from performers including The 1975 and Blink 182, to name a few, and made us all feel like we were with him through his fantastic updates on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

The awesome Jake Miller wrote along with a photo he shared through his Twitter account, “Jumped on a flight from LA to Delaware with my best friends to catch all our favorite bands at .”

Jake Miller, you are the king of music festivals and we are totally #jealous of your epic time! Check out more photos below of the spectacular Jake Miller and his amazing time at the Firefly music festival. Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, were you at the Firefly music festival this past weekend?

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Article: Jake Miller And Zayn Should Do A Song Together! Check Out Jake Miller’s “Pillowtalk” Cover Here!

29 Apr


We all know that everything that Jake Miller does, he manages to make all of his fans swoon over and be on Cloud 9 for the next week! Well, the remarkable Jake Miller is at it again as he sweeps fans off of their feet with one extraordinary cover. As if we all don’t love Zayn’s smashing hit of a song, “Pillowtalk,” singing sensation Jake Miller covered the song and it will totally give you all the feels. Jake Miller’s vocals are truly mesmerizing and so exceptional and we all can listen to his cover of “Pillowtalk” over and over and over again. Doesn’t this just get you all even more excited for Jake’s new music?!

The spectacular Jake Miller did his cover of “Pillowtalk” which was shared on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel. Jake Miller shared the excellent tweet as seen below:

If you want your day to get 100x better, then you should definitely go ahead and watch Jake Miller’s outstanding cover of “Pillowtalk” below! I’m thinking Jake Miller and Zayn should go ahead and make a song together, what do you guys think?!

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Article: Jake Miller Reunited With His Friends From Florida And Attended “The Brothers Grimsby” Premiere!

4 Mar


After moving to the City of Angels, there are many things that the magnificent Jake Miller keeps close to his heart: his family, his friends and his hometown! The incredibly genuine, singing sensation Jake Miller had a wonderful time reuniting with his friends from Florida on March 3, 2016 and attended the premiere of “The Brothers Grimsby” with them at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

The amazing Jake Miller wrote along with the photo above he shared through his Instagram account, “My best friends from Florida came to visit me in LA 🚀 Brought em to The Brothers Grimsby movie premiere tonight! Thanks for having us Sony!”

Jake Miller then shared the fantastic photo below as seen through his Twitter account:

It looks like Jake Miller had a phenomenal time with his friends at the premiere!

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Article: Sending Thoughts And Prayers To Jake Miller! His Wonderful Grandpa Is Watching Over Him And Is So Proud!

25 Feb


We all would like to send our deepest condolences to the remarkable Jake Miller on the recent passing of his grandfather. Jake Miller just shared a very touching and heart-warming post that truly brought tears to everyone’s eyes in tribute of his grandfather.

Along with the magnificent photo above that Jake Miller shared through his Instagram account, Jake wrote, “Rest in peace Papa… You were such an amazing person and I’m gonna miss everything about you. 91 years old. You lived one hell of an extraordinary life. I’m so lucky that you were able to experience so many different chapters of my life and I know you’ll be watching down and cheering me on as the rest of the chapters unfold. From the bleachers at my baseball games to the back of the venue at my shows, you were always my biggest fan. You’re probably up there right now taking sick pictures, telling World War II stories, and teaching people how to illegally download movies. I love you Papa and I’ll miss you everyday! Rest in peace.”

Jake Miller even shared the phenomenal tweet as seen below:

It’s clear to see that Jake Miller had such a spectacular and strong bond with his amazing grandfather who definitely inspired and influenced him in so many wonderful ways. Without a doubt, Jake Miller’s grandfather is continuing to watch over Jake and is very proud of the humble, genuine and incredibly talented individual he continues to be. Here at Alexisjoyvipaccess.com, I’d like to send all of my thoughts and prayers to Jake Miller and his family!

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