Article: Jake Miller And Zayn Should Do A Song Together! Check Out Jake Miller’s “Pillowtalk” Cover Here!


We all know that everything that Jake Miller does, he manages to make all of his fans swoon over and be on Cloud 9 for the next week! Well, the remarkable Jake Miller is at it again as he sweeps fans off of their feet with one extraordinary cover. As if we all don’t love Zayn’s smashing hit of a song, “Pillowtalk,” singing sensation Jake Miller covered the song and it will totally give you all the feels. Jake Miller’s vocals are truly mesmerizing and so exceptional and we all can listen to his cover of “Pillowtalk” over and over and over again. Doesn’t this just get you all even more excited for Jake’s new music?!

The spectacular Jake Miller did his cover of “Pillowtalk” which was shared on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel. Jake Miller shared the excellent tweet as seen below:

If you want your day to get 100x better, then you should definitely go ahead and watch Jake Miller’s outstanding cover of “Pillowtalk” below! I’m thinking Jake Miller and Zayn should go ahead and make a song together, what do you guys think?!

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