Article: Jake Miller Reunited With His Friends From Florida And Attended “The Brothers Grimsby” Premiere!


After moving to the City of Angels, there are many things that the magnificent Jake Miller keeps close to his heart: his family, his friends and his hometown! The incredibly genuine, singing sensation Jake Miller had a wonderful time reuniting with his friends from Florida on March 3, 2016 and attended the premiere of “The Brothers Grimsby” with them at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California.

The amazing Jake Miller wrote along with the photo above he shared through his Instagram account, “My best friends from Florida came to visit me in LA 🚀 Brought em to The Brothers Grimsby movie premiere tonight! Thanks for having us Sony!”

Jake Miller then shared the fantastic photo below as seen through his Twitter account:

It looks like Jake Miller had a phenomenal time with his friends at the premiere!

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