Article: Excuse Me Ariel, There Is A New Mermaid In Town And It’s Kira Kosarin!

Photo Credits: @KiraKosarin on Twitter
Photo Credits: @KiraKosarin on Twitter

Excuse me Ariel, but there is a new mermaid in town and it is none other than the remarkable and extraordinary Kira Kosarin! Ever since we all saw Kira Kosarin’s very first photo-shoot with Project Mermaids, we all knew that Kira Kosarin makes one perfect mermaid – she is a beauty in the water and on land! Needless to say, we all were beyond excited when we found out that Kira Kosarin was working with Project Mermaids again on another photo-shoot, and we were all left in awe yet again with her phenomenal behind-the-scenes pics.

As always, Kira Kosarin looked so breathtakingly beautiful as she transformed into a marvelous mermaid. The lovely Kira Kosarin allowed us to enter in her fun day while on set through all of her exceptional social media posts.

Kira Kosarin wrote along with a photo she shared through her Twitter account, “Hair and makeup done, mermaid top on. Time to get the tail on! .”

The amazing Kira Kosarin also shared another behind-the-scenes look during her photo-shoot and shared the magnificent video as seen below.

We can’t wait to see more photos from Kira Kosarin’s spectacular Project Mermaids photo-shoot! She is truly a gem!

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