Article: Tune In To The Premiere Of Nickelodeon’s All New Show, Legendary Dudas On July 9th!

Photo Credits: Nickelodeon
Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Do you and your siblings have any similarities? Meet the Legendary Dudas, aka two incredibly different brothers who somehow wind up in the same homeroom class together. (Uh, oh!) In Nickelodeon’s all new, highly-anticipated show, Legendary Dudas, viewers get to enter in the lives of Sam Duda and Tyler Duda in the phenomenal show that is set to premiere on July 9th at 9:00 PM ET / PT. One of the many outstanding and exciting things about this show that makes it so unique is that it is shot in a single camera, ‘mockumentary’ format, meaning that it will feel like the Duda brothers are talking directly at you!

Legendary Dudas will be premiering after new episodes of The Thundermans at 8:00 PM ET / PT and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn at 8:30 PM ET / PT.

Let’s learn more about the show, “Legendary Dudas follows the comedic adventures of two brothers, 11-year-old Sam Duda (Theodore Barnes), and 12-year-old Tyler Duda (DeVion Harris), who may share the last name, but are as different as tacos and telescopes. When Sam unexpectedly skips a grade and lands in his popular older brother’s seventh grade homeroom class, life at Fenski Middle School is never the same. Along with their squad of friends, and through direct-to-camera testimonials and interviews, the Dudas embark on bizarre and hilarious middle school adventures, eventually learning they always have each other’s backs, despite their differences.” (source: press release).

Legendary Dudas is created and executive produced by Kevin Jakubowski (Nickelodeon’s School of Rock) and Sharla Sumpter-Bridgett will also serve as executive producer. Learn more about who the Legendary Dudas are by watching the phenomenal video below and don’t forget to mark your calendars and tune in to the premiere of Legendary Dudas on July 9th at 9:00 PM ET / PT.

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