Article: DoSomething And Truth Orange Teams Up With Kira Kosarin To #TakeBackTheShelves And Put An End To Smoking!

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DoSomething is known for impacting the lives of many in so many incredible ways and giving us teens the chance to make a big difference in the world. In fact, DoSomething is bringing out a magnificent, new campaign with truth called #TakeBackTheShelves to help put an end to smoking. DoSomething even teamed up with the influential Kira Kosarin to help reach teens all over the world to encourage pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products in plain view behind counters. Kira Kosarin is someone who is not only a terrific actress, dancer, and singer, but she is also a fantastic role model to all of her fans who uses her platform to inspire others and make a positive impact in this world. It’s so amazing to see Kira Kosarin team up with DoSomething and truth to help bring this important message out.

So, here’s exactly what is going on. Pharmacies are meant to be a place that people can turn to that would encourage good health and practicing a healthy living, however, many pharmacies are actually selling tobacco products behind their counters in a way that is at eye-level for all consumers to see directly in front of them. How can pharmacies sell something that is known to be the number one preventable cause of death in the US and according to, smoking kills more than 1,300 people a day? Such a terrifying statistic and now it’s time for us to put an end to it.

The power is in your hands to join DoSomething, truth, and Kira Kosarin to help put an end to smoking and #TakeBackTheShelves at pharmacies. DoSomething and truth are asking all of you to join the campaign by creating a piece of artwork of what you guys want to see being sold at pharmacy counters instead of tobacco products. Then, head on over to your social media networks and share your artwork with some of the pharmacies you visit to ask them to provide healthier options being sold at the counters.

The outstanding Kira Kosarin wrote along with a video she shared on her Instagram account, “Pharmacies — trusted healthcare sources — and tobacco — the leading preventable cause of death — just. don’t. mix. Help me #TakeBackTheShelveswith @dosomething and @truthorange by reimagining shelf space without tobacco products. What’s on your shelf? Text SHELVES to 38383 and submit a photo and I’ll post the best ones on Twitter!”

Check out Kira Kosarin’s #TakeBackTheShelves PSA below and don’t forget to share the message around to all of your friends and family on all of your social media networks! Be sure to join DoSomething and truth’s excellent campaign and help bring health back to pharmacies!

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