VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Alexisjoyvipaccess Attends “The Space Between Us” Premiere – Recap Here!

Photo Credits: @SpaceBetweenUs on Instagram
Photo Credits: @SpaceBetweenUs on Instagram

What’s your favorite thing about earth? That question may not be easy to answer at first, however, after watching the highly-praised and phenomenal movie, “The Space Between Us,” the answer to that question becomes a lot easier to answer. Our favorite thing about earth is having art exhibited in various forms, such as the brilliant, masterpiece of a movie, “The Space Between Us.” This remarkable film has received all the buzz – from news outlets to word of mouth from friends and colleagues to trailers and ads for the film seen across all social media platforms, but one thing is for sure, “The Space Between Us” truly deserves all of the wonderful comments and recognition it has and will continue to receive.

“The Space Between Us” takes all viewers out of this world and is a stupendous movie with a great storyline and a spectacular, all-star cast. The film follows Gardner Elliot, who was the first human born on Mars. Growing up around scientists, 16 years later, Gardner surpasses the intelligence of robots and those that surround him, and he starts an online communication with a girl named Tulsa. Gardner’s desire to visit earth and get a lot of questions answered becomes stronger than ever and he eventually finds a way to head on over to planet earth. Gardner experiences life on earth when he finally gets to meet Tulsa in person and they join together and embark on a journey so Gardner can find out more information about who he really is.

“The Space Between Us” is a beautiful story that shows that love knows no boundaries nor has any distance. It’s a remarkable and touching film perfect for the whole family to enjoy and it has a great blend of love, heartfelt moments, and the value of family.

The movie has a stellar cast which includes Asa Butterfield who stars as Gardner Elliot. Asa Butterfield, who started as a child actor, has been leaving us all in awe with his talent since the moment he set foot in the entertainment industry. He did another breathtaking job in this film allowing viewers to feel a host of emotions while watching it. The movie also stars Britt Robertson as Tulsa. Britt Robertson has been in a countless amount of renowned projects and with each and every role she portrays, she always does such a mesmerizing and outstanding job. Also in the movie is the remarkable Carla Gugino who wows all viewers by playing the role of Kendra in the film as well as Gary Oldman, who did a magnificent and stunning job in the movie. Janet Montgomery and BD Wong also star in the film

“The Space Between Us” had its special premiere on January 17, 2017 at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, California and it truly was the trending topic in Hollywood. Asa Butterfield, Britt Robertson, Janet Montgomery, and Carla Gugino all attended the sensational premiere as well as many other celebrities who had a terrific time enjoying the movie. The spectacular musician Ingrid Michaelson gave one marvelous and magical performance of her song that is also featured in the film.

I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a wonderful time at the exceptional “The Space Between Us” premiere. Check out some pictures from my attendance at the premiere and after-party below. Thank you for having me at the extraordinary premiere and thanks to the BlinkBar for my lashes!

Be sure to catch “The Space Between Us” out in theaters on February 3, 2017! Join in on the conversation by following @SpaceBetweenUs on Twitter and Instagram and use #TheSpaceBetweenUs on all social media networks!

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