VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Oleff Showcases Her Phenomenal Artwork At Her Platform 44 Studio!


Art truly has a way of speaking for itself – it can evoke important messages and themes, it can touch a person’s soul, and it can also inspire an individual in more ways than imaginable, and that’s exactly what Jennifer Oleff’s spectacular and breathtaking artwork does. Jennifer Oleff, an incredibly talented and brilliant artist, has her very own working studio called Platform 44 located in Beverly Hills. Just yesterday, February 25th, the outstanding artist opened the doors to her studio for a special open house that showcased many of her exceptional and remarkable art pieces. Her working studio space is not only a place where she is able to create her terrific artwork, but is also a place where art lovers can come on in and see the artist at work. For Oleff, she enjoys being able to not only share her work, but have people be able to see her at work as well.

As soon as you step into Jennifer Oleff’s working studio, you’ll be awe-inspired with the fantastic artwork displayed. Each of her pieces express a theme about self love, confidence, fear, or risk, which also coincides with her work with the inspiring and stupendous foundation, Breaking The Chains, which changes the face of eating disorders through art and was founded by the amazing Debra Hopkins. Jennifer Oleff is also a board member of the Breaking The Chains Foundation.

Jennifer Oleff revealed to Alexisjoyvipaccess, “It feels like it’s a release. If I don’t paint for a while, I end up feeling sort of confined within myself and then there are times when I don’t even know what to put on the canvas, and the minute I just pour some paint, or put some water even, any kind of mark, the process starts. It’s almost like I create a problem and then I solve the problem, so whether I create it by just dumping paint on and then it’s like, “What am I going to do with that?” or I start with a line and then I fill it in, and it’s just this feeling of completion and control and also a loss of control, which are two opposites and then I feel a lot of relief when I get done with a painting.”

Another thing that stands out in Jennifer Oleff’s marvelous artwork is her use of various materials. Many of her paintings include not just paint, but other materials such as dirt, gauze, and even a shirt of hers. It allows all those who admire and appreciate her art to be touched by it – both with its meaning and its tactile texture.

Oleff talked with Alexisjoyvipaccess about the inspiration about using these materials in her artwork and said, “I’ve been putting fabric and gauze in some paintings. That’s my shirt (as she points at her excellent painting titled “Abalone”). Ultimately, I love fashion, so I’m inspired by fabric and shoes and sculptures and texture and tactile things, so I came up with “Why do I keep these clothes? Why do I love certain clothes that maybe I don’t even wear anymore?” so I started really searching as to why I buy something or why something is special to me. Then, I decided to sort of go against what you think you should be doing with something, which is like, I’m going to cut it up and put it in a painting. I have a one piece at home that has a full dress in it. To me, it’s like taking that risk and also saying, “I love this so much and I’m going to put it here instead of wear it on my body.” A lot of times it comes down to if something is not working and you sit with it for a long time, this painting I sat down with for a year, and then finally one day I was like, “Oh!” and all of the pieces came together. It was a matter of timing.”

Jennifer Oleff’s artwork is one of a kind and will leave you absolutely amazed. Check out some photos below from her open house and stay connected with Jeniffer Oleff by following her on Instagram: @myplatform44 and visit!

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