VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: The Immensely Talented Pianist ELEW Brings His Talent To A Special Pre-Oscar Party! Alexisjoyvipaccess RECAP


It’s officially one of the biggest nights in entertainment history and of course, it’s a night with all the right reasons to celebrate. Indeed, we are talking about the renowned and prestigious 2017 Oscar Awards. Tonight, some of the most iconic and consummate actors and actresses will be honored with well-deserved awards along with some stupendous movies that were box-office hits and have all become classics in their own way. A night filled with some of the most unforgettable highlights and hosted in the City of Angels, there’s always so much to celebrate.

Last night, February 25, 2017, the immensely talented and highly-acclaimed rock / jazz pianist, ELEW hosted a special pre-Oscar party at the Riviera 31 at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Attendees enjoyed a night with drinks, food, and spectacular musical performances that left everyone absolutely and completely awe-inspired and what better place to enjoy all of this than at the perfect atmosphere – the classy and elegant Sofitel Hotel.

ELEW is known for bringing out some of the most out of this world and mesmerizing performances. He doesn’t just play his music – he lives it, he breathes it, he feels it and you could see how much passion and love he has for his craft in every one of his exceptional performances. ELEW takes piano playing to another level fusing together the wonderful worlds of rock and jazz to create another incredible blend of exciting rhythms and terrific beats. ELEW got everyone excited and ready for one sensational Oscar weekend and he truly changes the way piano playing is both seen and heard as he reaches inside the piano to pull at the strings and give listeners and viewers a new twist on a song. There is no question as to why ELEW is adored by many legendary celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerard Butler, and more. ELEW’s performances are captivating, fascinating, and breathtaking and it was certainly that at last night’s pre-Oscar party.

The night continued off with attendees being able to dance the night away and have a blast listening to one awesome DJ set. I, Alexisjoyvipaccess had a brilliant time at ELEW’s pre-Oscar party and was blown away by the extraordinary musical performance by the phenomenal pianist himself. Check out some VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE pictures and a video from my attendance and coverage of ELEW’s pre-Oscar party performance below.

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