VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Express Yourself With A Custom-Made BOLDFACE Gear Backpack – Alexisjoyvipaccess REVIEW!

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There are a lot of ways to express yourself, and one of them can be through your backpack! When you’re about to head out on a trip, your go-to bag to bring definitely has to be your BOLDFACE backpack. BOLDFACE is an incredible brand that brings out the most phenomenal backpacks and guitar bags made just for… YOU! Are you a music junkie or the biggest sports fan? Do you want a photo of your family on your backpack or your furry friend? Well, with BOLDFACE all of it is possible. The best part about it is that if you get tired of how your backpack or guitar bag looks, you can simply just change its BOLDFACE “face panel” and put a new one that fits your current mood best.

BOLDFACE is so unique that it provides interchangeable face panels that can be swapped out – basically meaning that you can add some flair and use a new face panel for your backpack or guitar bag anytime you please. This way, you never have to get bored of your backpack or guitar bag’s look because you can just easily change it with another one of your BOLDFACE face panels.


Not only does BOLDFACE bring out your personality even more, but purchasing a BOLDFACE backpack also helps give back. Seriously, can this extraordinary brand get any better?! BOLDFACE has its very own “This Backpack…” campaign where a portion of every bag purchased helps children in need by benefiting charities including Feeding America and Save the Children. It’s always so great to know when your purchase is going towards a fantastic cause.

BOLDFACE bags are the best of the best. They’re trendy but also durable and the most remarkable quality. You never would want to buy a backpack or guitar bag, use it a couple of times and see that it’s already getting worn out and you’ll soon not even be able to use it anymore. With BOLDFACE, you never have to worry about that. BOLDFACE founder Randy Fenton and COO, Jesse Torres bring consumers the highest of quality backpacks and guitar bags. Those who have a BOLDFACE product can’t help but rave over how much of a brilliant brand BOLDFACE is – you look good and feel good with this exceptional backpack / guitar bag company.


I, Alexisjoyvipaccess can say that my custom-made BOLDFACE backpack is the most extraordinary backpack I’ve ever owned. I know that anytime I head out on a business trip, my trusty BOLDFACE backpack is the first thing I bring. It can hold all of my travel essentials and yet still look oh, so stylish whenever I’m rocking my BOLDFACE backpack out and about. Every time I sport my BOLDFACE backpack, people always ask me where I get it, and I can proudly say that BOLDFACE is the brand that brought my backpack style to the next level. No amount of words can describe just how much of a fantastic brand BOLDFACE is and it’s super reliable to give you a product you will be happy and proud to bring with you any and everywhere you go.

Love their backpacks and guitar bags? There’s only more coming! BOLDFACE has a lot more exciting products coming out soon that you’re going to want to get your hands on ASAP. Be sure to follow BOLDFACE on Twitter and Instagram: @BOLDFACEGear and visit: to get your BOLDFACE items now!

Here at, I’d like to send a big thank you to BOLDFACE for my stupendous backpack – I love bringing it with me all around the world and on the red carpet.


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