Article: Come Out And See Amanda Troop In Tonight’s “A Voyage Through Trek!” Show At The Improv Studio! Details Here!

Photo Credits: @amanda_troop on Instagram

Are you the biggest Star Trek fan?! Then, today is your day! Come on out to the Improv Studio to enjoy a magnificent show of “A Voyage Through Trek!” starting at 7:30 PM. The brilliant and exciting show will allow you to join along on some marvelous and unforgettable missions. The hour long show will be an improvised, narrative show inspired off of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so it is bound to be a total blast! Plus, the best part about it is that the magnificent and incredibly talented actress, Amanda Troop will be playing the lead role in tonight’s show.

The lovely Amanda Troop wrote along with the excellent photo she shared as seen above on her Instagram account, “Sunday the 20th at 7:30, Captain Thompson and I will be on a special away mission as part of @improvisedgen presents, The Lost Episodes. At @improstudiotheatre!”

You definitely won’t want to miss out on this exceptional show! Amanda Troop always leaves everyone in awe with her outstanding talent and we know that she will make us all feel like we are voyaging away into one of the episodes of Star Trek in tonight’s phenomenal show.

“A Voyage Through Trek!” takes place tonight at the Improv Studio starting at 7:30 PM. There will be a wine reception, meet and greet, and photo-ops both between and after the event. In addition, if you want to join in on some more fun, there will be a talk and Q&A with Andreea Kindryd, moderated by Larry Nemecek, at 6:00 PM prior to the show. Tickets are sold separately for both events.

Be sure to see the wonderful Amanda Troop in “A Voyage Through Trek!” tonight! For more information on the event, visit here and join the Facebook event here.

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