Article: Nick Cannon Set To Host Nickelodeon’s “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” With JoJo Siwa!

Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

Spike’s hit TV series, Lip Sync Battle, has become a fan-favorite show that we all are obsessed with. C’mon, who doesn’t love to lip sync to some of their favorite songs?! Well, now, it’s time to get even more excited as Nickelodeon’s very own show, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, will be making its way on over to our TV screens in 2018; and the 10 episode series will be filled with even more outstanding and super fun, musical moments with real-life kid participants getting to jam out and lip sync to their favorite songs.

Nickelodeon just recently announced the news that this awesome show will be hosted by none other than the iconic, Nick Cannon himself. Combine awesome kids lip-syncing to some of the most excellent and hit songs with one terrific host and you have a brilliant show that we all will be binge-watching. To add onto all of the excitement, it was also announced that multi-threat, JoJo Siwa will be serving as Nick Cannon’s sidekick on the show offering special commentary during each performance.

The legendary Nick Cannon shared his enthusiasm over hosting Lip Sync Battle Shorties and said, “I’m excited to host the first season of Lip Sync Battle Shorties.  It’s always a pleasure to work with my family at Nickelodeon.  It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the kids lip-sync their favorite songs and perform like their favorite artists.”

“Nick Cannon grew up on Nickelodeon and into one of the best hosts and comedic actors on TV. Along with his passion for music, he brings with him such an amazing understanding and enthusiasm for kid performers. We feel very lucky to have Nick at the helm of Shorties, we’re ready to rock!,” said executive producers Casey Patterson and Jay Peterson.” (source: press release)

Bronwen O’Keefe, Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon Live Action and Movies said, “With Nick Cannon at the helm, every episode of Lip Sync Battle Shorties will be an over-the-top Nickelodeon event, with real kids in the driver’s seat, battling head-to-head in the ultimate competition show.” (source: press release)

According to the press release, “Lip Sync Battle Shorties lets three talented real-life kid participants personalize their performances, allowing them to make decisions on all creative elements, from song and costume selection, to choreography and staging.  Each episode will also feature the Shorties Dance Crew, a 10-person, in-house backup crew who has mastered all styles of dance from breakdancing to ballroom, and conclude with a special celebrity appearance and final performance from all the kids.”

Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties special that aired last December 2016 reached unprecedented successes and had record-breaking achievements, so we know that this exceptional and highly-anticipated series will be everyone’s new favorite show to watch. There will also be Halloween and holiday specials of Lip Sync Battle Shorties set to air later this year.

This is such magnificent news that the prolific and consummate actor, comedian, host and philanthropist, Nick Cannon and singer, actress, dancer and social media sensation, JoJo Siwa will be joining the Lip Sync Battle Shorties family! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, are YOU excited to see Lip Sync Battle Shorties on Nickelodeon?!

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