Article: Sam Lerner Had A Brilliant Time At UNICEF’s Masquerade Ball! (@SammyLerner)

Photo Credits: Zimbio

It’s always so wonderful to see our favorite celebrities show their support towards incredible causes, foundations, and events. The magnificent and immensely talented actor, Sam Lerner had a sensational time as he attended UNICEF’s Masquerade Ball on October 27, 2017 at Clifton’s Republic in Los Angeles, California. The extraordinary event benefitted UNICEF’s Emergency Relief Fund, which helps provide resources to those in need. This event focused on helping those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and in Houston as well as Syrian refugee mothers in Jordan. Sam Lerner had an exceptional time supporting such a phenomenal event and he looked spectacular posing for the photographers on the blue carpet.

It looks like Sam Lerner enjoyed his time at the marvelous event. Be sure to stay connected with Sam Lerner on his Twitter: @SammyLerner and on his Instagram: @SamLerner and watch him on the highly-acclaimed, fan-favorite show, The Goldbergs!

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