Article: Sam Lerner Had A Brilliant Time Presenting At The ACE Eddie Awards!

Photo Credits: Zimbio

It was an exciting night for the remarkable Sam Lerner as he had a terrific time presenting at the renowned ACE Eddie Awards in Los Angeles, California. The multi-talented actor, who stars in the fan-favorite show, The Goldbergs and the much-anticipated movie, Truth or Dare, had an excellent time presenting the awards for “Best Edited Comedy Series for Commercial Television” and “Best Edited Comedy Series for Non-Commercial Television.”

The phenomenal Sam Lerner looked dashing wearing an All Saints shirt, pants and tux jacket and Vince Camuto shoes. He was groomed for the event by Matilde Campos.

Check out more photos below of the extraordinary Sam Lerner presenting at the ACE Eddie Awards. I’m glad Sam Lerner had a great time at the event.

Follow Sam Lerner on Twitter: @SammyLerner and on Instagram: @SamLerner

Photo Credits: Zimbio

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