Article: Adam McArthur Had A Blast At The 2019 San Diego Comic Con And His Annual Boba Meetup – See Pics From His Fun Time Here!

Photo Credits: Javier Luna (@Fresco_Luna)

Another incredibly successful San Diego Comic Con has come to a close and for the immensely talented Adam McArthur, it was definitely another memorable year at the renowned convention. Star vs. The Forces of Evil actor Adam McArthur had a hectic and very exciting time at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con as he took part in a panel, attended fun parties and lounges, and met tons of his fans at his annual Boba Fan Meetup.

Let’s take a look at a recap of Adam McArthur’s sensational time at San Diego Comic Con:

Who doesn’t love some good ‘ol pizza?! What better way to kick off SDCC than by hanging out at the Pizza Hut lounge?! Adam McArthur rocked a spiffy Pizza Hut varsity jacket and casually held up a pizza box with one finger. NBD, he’s just uber cool like that.


Fans were eagerly looking forward to McArthur’s much-anticipated Boba Fan Meetup. This year, McArthur shared several, big announcements on his Instagram account revealing the many terrific, celebrity guests who were joining the event. Marieve Herington (voice of Tilly on Big City Greens), Chris Houghton (voice of Cricket and co-creator of Big City Greens), Zeno Robinson (voice of Remy on Big City Greens), Ariel Vracin-Harrell (storyboard artist and writer on Big City Greens), Kassandra Heller (artist on Big City Greens), and Nico Colaleo (creator of Too Loud and Ollie and Scoops) all had a remarkable time joining Adam McArthur at the 2019 Super Awesome Boba Fan Meetup, which took place on July 19, 2019 at SD Boba Tea. McArthur always puts a lot of time and effort into coordinating this extraordinary, annual meetup that truly is an unforgettable day for all fans.

The following day, on Saturday, July 20th, McArthur had a fantastic time taking part in the Cartoon Voices Panel at San Diego Comic Con. The panel was hosted by Mark Evanier. Marieve Herington, Fred Tatsciore, Eric Lopez, Lex Lang, and Laraine Newman were all a part of the panel as well.

It looks like Adam McArthur had a phenomenal time at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Check out some more pictures below from McArthur’s Super Awesome Boba Fan Meetup and the Cartoon Voices Panel. Plus, Adam McArthur just announced the big news that he will be on Big City Greens – so be sure to stay tuned for that brilliant episode.

Photo Credits: Javier Luna (@Fresco_Luna)

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