VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Astana Ballet Leaves A Lasting Impression With Their West Coast Debut And Performance At The Iconic Saban Theatre In Los Angeles – Recap Here!

Photo Credits: @AstanaBallet on Instagram

Astana Ballet, one of the top performance theatre companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has truly brought out a masterpiece with their newest presentation, Masterpieces. The admired, dance company made its west coast debut this past November with critically-acclaimed performances at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego, the California Center for the Arts in Escondido and at the iconic Saban Theatre in Los Angeles. Needless to say, Astana Ballet did not disappoint and they truly mesmerized all attendees with their breathtakingly beautiful performances.

With its stunning architecture and luxurious and elegant interior, the Astana Ballet Theater was founded in 2012 in Kazakhstan, and showcased its first performance in July 2013. With 783 seats in its auditorium, the Astana Ballet Theater has welcomed hundreds and hundreds of dance enthusiasts who are left in awe by the great skills and dedication the dancers put into each and every show. Aside from wowing the crowd in Kazakhstan, Astana Ballet has traveled all over the world and has shared their indescribable talent at renowned venues in Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Vienna, Budapest, and at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Astana Ballet has finally made its way to the west coast and every attendee didn’t want the show to end.

Photo Credits: Astana Ballet
Photo Credits: Astana Ballet
Photo Credits: Astana Ballet

Attendees at Astana Ballet’s presentation of Masterpieces were in for a treat. From classical ballet to Kazakh folk dance and modern styles of dance, Masterpieces was filled with a variety of captivating and awe-inspiring routines. The performance featured The Heritage of the Great Steppe, which was a Kazakh folk dance that allowed the audience to dive into the fascinating culture of Kazakhstan and experience the country’s love for the arts.

The show also featured three, neoclassical, one-act ballets that were each unique and enchanting in their own way. Brazilian choreographer, Ricardo Amarante brought his vision to life through two, spectacular performances including “Love Fear Loss,” which featured songs by the consummate French singer / songwriter, Edith Piaf and focused on the legend’s life story. “A Fuego Lento,” also choreographed by Amarante, blended the rhythms of samba and tango in the most brilliant and sultry way to tell the story of first love. New York-based choreographer, Nicolo Fonte also shared his talent with Astana Ballet by choreographing “Love’s Lost Idols,” which was a true show-stopper.


Masterpieces had everything and more that viewers could ask for. There truly was never a dull moment throughout the show. Alexisjoyvipaccess had the honor of covering and attending Astana Ballet’s stupendous show at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The show was versatile. It was modern. It was classic. It was passionate. Masterpieces opened attendees’ eyes with a great fusion of different kinds of dance. One thing is for sure, Astana Ballet’s presentation of Masterpieces was simply timeless.


Astana Ballet’s Masterpieces was a perfect show to watch with family-members and expose them to the love and admiration Kazakhstan has for dance and the arts as a whole. It was a great date-night or night out with friends. It goes without saying, the west coast was completely enthralled by Astana Ballet and we are just yearning for the esteemed dance company to make its way back to California for another round of extraordinary shows!

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