VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Netflix’s “Outer Banks” Star Jonathan Daviss Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess – “Outer Banks” Premieres April 15th!

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Welcome to the Outer Banks… a.k.a. “Paradise on Earth.” We’ve been counting down the days until the premiere of Netflix’s new, young adult series, Outer Banks, launching on April 15th, and the big day is almost here! The captivating series follows four best-friends who live in the beach vacation destination that is described in the trailer as “the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.” The crew, consisting of John B. (played by Chase Stokes), J.J. (played by Rudy Pankow), Pope (played by Jonathan Daviss) and Kiara (played by Madison Bailey), are a part of the “working class who make a living bussing tables [and] running charters,” but they soon find themselves in a thrill of a lifetime… worth $400 million in gold.

Outer Banks has the perfect blend of adventure, romance, action, and friendship; and it’s definitely a show we all will be binge-watching more than once. From rival groups dealing with one another, to an epic treasure hunt for a legendary prize connected to the disappearance of John B.’s father, Outer Banks will have everyone glued to their screens.

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This magnificent series truly has a dream team cast. Fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing the multi-talented Jonathan Daviss showcase his brilliant talent in the show.

Daviss, in an interview with Alexisjoyvipaccess, described his character Pope as “the brains, the smartest kid in the group. He warns of the danger, but he finds himself in it anyway. He can be a little impulsive sometimes, even though he likes to think things out. He’s sort of the guy you go to when a plan needs to be made.”


The outstanding Jonathan Daviss will definitely wow the audience with his work in this series. For Daviss, working on Outer Banks was an experience like no other. Daviss talked to Alexisjoyvipaccess about his favorite part about playing the role of Pope and said, “I think we all tried to flesh out these characters to give them three-dimensional kind of personalities, more than just “the brains.” You see him go through this big character arc in this season.”

Daviss continued to talk about his dynamic character and said, “without giving away too much, he has this big change that happens within him personally, that leaves him entirely different than when the series started, and that was really fun to dive into.”

Not only is Pope a wonderful character to watch in the series, but, according to Daviss, he also has a lot of awesome hats! When asked in our interview what item he would like to keep from the show, Daviss answered, “I know exactly what it is… There’s a hat I wear in episode three… It’s my favorite hat. Pope wears a lot of hats in the show. He’s probably the most hatted up out of all of the characters.”

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The phenomenal Jonathan Daviss couldn’t have described it any better – the cast of Outer Banks truly is a “family.” All of the cast-members have such a great camaraderie with one another both on and off-screen and we can’t wait to see the family of friends they created while watching Outer Banks.

Jonathan Daviss, who not only is a gifted actor, but is also a terrific musician (have you seen his amazing covers he posts on Instagram?!) is thrilled for fans to see the series. “It’s fun,” said Daviss. “It’s not like any other show probably on right now. It’s kind of hard to compare it to other things… We had so much fun shooting it and I think that really translates in the show. We just have so much fun with each other and I want people to see the amount of fun and hard work that all the cast and crew put in. Everybody really cared. We all really did care about making this project for each other, and I’m just excited for people to see that.”

You can catch the remarkable Jonathan Daviss as Pope in Netflix’s much-anticipated series, Outer Banks premiering on April 15th! Listen to more of my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with Jonathan Daviss below to find out about a memory that sticks out to him the most from working on the series, what his favorite song is he has covered and more.


Watch the official trailer for Outer Banks below!


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