Article: 6 Of The Cutest Videos Of Sebastian Maniscalco And Lana Gomez’s Kids That Will Make You Smile!

Photo Credits: @SebastianComedy on Instagram

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we all have been following orders to stay at home and help flatten the curve. If you’re in need of some adorable, feel-good videos to help you get through this time, comedic genius Sebastian Maniscalco and his wife, artist Lana Gomez have you covered! The Maniscalcos have been sharing several, precious videos of their kids, daughter Serafina and son Caruso and they will truly make your heart melt.

Here are six of the cutest videos, in no particular order, of course, of Serafina and Caruso Maniscalco that will certainly brighten up your day!

1. Serafina styling her dad and brother’s hair. 

One of the many things that we love about Sebastian Maniscalco’s comedy specials is how much he talks about his family. Maniscalco fans have come to know that his father owns his own hair salon; and it looks like Sebastian Maniscalco and Lana Gomez’s daughter, Serafina is following after the footsteps of her grandfather in this heart-warming video. Serafina styles up her dad’s hair and then moves on to her next customer… her younger brother, Caruso! This is a video definitely worth watching several times!


2. Caruso’s close-up with his dad. 

Sebastian Maniscalco posted a gush-worthy video on his Instagram account of himself and his son Caruso and they are the spitting image of each other. Caruso looks so comfy and bundled up in his winter gear. His cheeks are too precious!

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Hanging with the Mr Man.

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3. Mommy-and-me swing time. 

The Maniscalcos always know how to have a good time… even during quarantine! Not only is Lana Gomez a talented artist, but she’s also a super fun mom, too. Gomez had a blast spending time outdoors with her lovely daughter. Judging by Serafina’s excitement from this video, she had the time of her life, and we’re here to watch this video over and over again.

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Swing into Wednesday!

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4. Dance party with dad. 

Moments like these are the ones that last a lifetime. This video of Serafina dancing along with her dad is one that will bring you major heart-eye emojis. Plus, her jumps at the end of the video are too cute for words.

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I went from Comedian to music teacher overnight.

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5. Another use for a refrigerator. 

Serafina found a second use for the fridge. She is such a precious princess!


6. Cookie time with the Maniscalcos. 

Everything about this video is absolutely AMAZING!! One of our favorite parts is when Serafina mixes the cookie batter and some of the chocolate chips fall out. And, the way she says “yes, sir” to her dad is so lovable. You also can’t miss the end of the video – *spoiler alert* – Sebastian Maniscalco busts out some dance moves.

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Quarantine cookies!

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The Maniscalcos are certainly making the most of their time while in quarantine, and in the meantime, they are bringing us tons of joy with all of their excellent videos. We hope the Maniscalcos and everyone reading are staying safe and healthy during this hectic time!


  1. What a beautiful family. Disappointed not to be able to see video #6. Why is it restricted ???????

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