Article: 5 Things We’re Excited For At Sebastian Maniscalco’s “Nobody Does This” Tour Shows During Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival, Produced By Netflix In Association With Live Nation!

Sebastian Maniscalco performs at The Wiltern during his Nobody Does This tour shows at Netflix is a Joke: The Festival
Photo Credits: Netflix is a Joke: The Festival

Ever experienced a moment where you saw someone do something and just couldn’t help but ask yourself, why would you do that? Or, have you ever seen something happen and think, aren’t you embarrassed? Iconic comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco has given us some of the most *relatable* catchphrases that perfectly encompasses how we feel when we see something downright… questionable, to say the least. Maniscalco is a comedic genius and someone whose Netflix specials are ones we could all watch over and over again.

Because of the pandemic, the in-demand comedian’s tour was put on hold, but now he’s back and ready to share some hilarious jokes that will have us all bellowing with laughter. Maniscalco’s new “Nobody Does This” tour is in full swing and two of his Los Angeles shows are a part of the much-talked-about Netflix is a Joke: The Festival, produced by Netflix in association with Live Nation. The unrivaled Maniscalco will be taking over The Wiltern stage on May 1, so let’s dive into five things we’re most excited for during these exceptional shows.

1. New comedic material

Between the pandemic and all of his new projects he’s been taking on, there’s been a lot going on in Sebastian Maniscalco’s life, and that only means one thing: new comedic material. Whether it’s showing us what new Amazon packages have been arriving at his doorstep, or sharing incredibly funny things he’s noticed while out and about, Maniscalco can take any mundane moment in life and turn it into one that we all won’t be able to stop laughing from. It’s been a long time due to the pandemic that we all have been able to truly have a good laugh, and we know that we can count on the phenomenal Sebastian Maniscalco to bring us the humor we’ve so desperately been needing.

2. A new tour catchphrase

As we mentioned above, Sebastian Maniscalco has brought us: why would you do that? and aren’t you embarrassed? Now, with this tour, we have a new catchphrase to use… nobody does this. We can only imagine the amount of unforgettable jokes Maniscalco will make with this phrase, and you can bet we’ll be using it all the time when those moments arise.

3. Sebastian Maniscalco always includes his family in his shows

One of the many things that we love about Maniscalco’s bits is that he always talks about his family. From the terrific, driving force and number one supporter of his career, his dad, Salvatore, to discussing his wonderful, full-of-life wife, artist Lana Gomez, and learning more about his mom, sister, and his absolutely precious kids, Serafina and Caruso, we all feel like Maniscalco’s family is an extended family of our own. Whether it’s knowing when to put the Entenmann’s cake out (we all know it’s only for when guests come), to picking up the pizza pie so you don’t have to pay extra for delivery, hearing all of Maniscalco’s great stories emphasizes that there’s nothing quite like family.

4. The shows will be at The Wiltern in Los Angeles

A spectacular show is made even more special at a location as renowned as The Wiltern. This venue is a historic one, and Maniscalco will continue to make history with two, sensational shows the night of May 1.

5. There will be a double dose of Sebastian Maniscalco during the festival

What’s better than one Sebastian Maniscalco show? Well, two, of course! Maniscalco will be showcasing his unmatched comedic chops not just once, but twice, with a show at 5:00 p.m. PT and another one at 8:00 p.m. PT. So, if you miss his first show, be sure to get your tickets now to the second. Or, if you just want to watch him twice in a night, now is your chance because you could never get enough of the man, the myth, and the legend that is Sebastian Maniscalco.

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