Article: Craving Ice Cream? Patrick Schwarzenegger Has You Covered With His Ice Cream Review Instagram Account, Patrick’s Pints – Here Are 5 Of The Best Videos! 

Patrick's Pints
Photo Credits: @Patricks_Pints on Instagram

We all know the brilliant Patrick Schwarzenegger for being an incredibly gifted actor, a terrific investor and someone who continues to make an impact on many people’s lives by helping and guiding young entrepreneurs with their goals. But, did you also know that Schwarzenegger happens to be an ice cream connoisseur?! Yup! The multi-talented Patrick Schwarzenegger shares reviews of some of his favorite ice cream flavors through his Instagram account called Patrick’s Pints.

From s’mores-flavored ice cream to Sprinkles ice cream, you’re definitely going to be melting over these scrumptious flavors (and wanting to rush on over to your nearest grocery store to get a pint of your own).

Not only are the ice cream flavors he shares bound to make your mouth-water, but Patrick’s videos are also so fun and entertaining. We could all go for some feel-good content, especially now during the pandemic, so be sure to head on over to @Patricks_Pints for a scoop of some joy!

It’s hard to choose favorites, but here are five of the best ice cream reviews from Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Patrick’s Pints Instagram account.

1. Champ Schwarzenegger makes a special guest appearance 

Ice cream and an adorable pup – what could honestly be better than that?! In this episode, Patrick reviews Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’ Gooey Butter Cake flavor. This video will literally have you laughing out loud, and the icing on top of the… ice cream sundae… is seeing Patrick’s dog, Champ waiting to get a taste of his own. Judging by Champ’s reaction of him excitedly jumping up and down, we all could say that this ice cream flavor must be DELICIOUS!


2. Chef Boyar-Patrick tries Sweet Rose 

In this awesome video, Patrick encourages everyone to support a local business and try out Sweet Rose! This is the first video posted on the Patrick’s Pints Instagram and it introduces us to all of the ice cream excitement that awaits us in this account. We love Patrick’s technique of doing a “Ring Around the Rosie” to get the full taste of the ice cream and all of its glory. Only true ice cream professionals have their own technique!


3. Wisdom teeth treat 

You know what they say, ice cream is the best medicine. After getting his wisdom teeth taken out, Patrick reviewed The Bigg Chill and got a yummy, rainbow cookie dough with peanut butter and vanilla custard. Needless to say, we’re really yearning for some of this ice cream!


4. The 0.0 😱 

There’s the good, the bad… and the 0.0 😱 Most of the time, we see Patrick relish in the divine ice cream flavors he tries… but for this episode, well, we see the opposite. Prepare for a whole lot of great laughs in this Patrick’s Pints episode where the ice cream expert crowns the worst flavor ever!


5. Atomic Creamery’s Buckeye 

Ever been in love at first sight? Well, you sure will be after seeing Atomic Creamery’s Buckeye flavor. Atomic Creamery is a veteran-owned ice cream destination. This flavor has peanut butter, Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s pieces. This flavor looks out of this world!


Grab your own pint of ice cream and be sure to follow @Patricks_Pints and @PatrickSchwarzenegger on Instagram! Comment below and tell me or tweet me at @alexisjoyvipacc, what is YOUR favorite ice cream flavor you’ve tried?!

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