VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Amazon Prime Video Gives A Raw Look At Music Phenomenon J Balvin In “The Boy From Medellín” – Recap Of In Person Premiere At The Rose Bowl Stadium Here!

The Boy From Medellín Rose Bowl Stadium
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“Great artists use their voice for other people. J Balvin has a platform. José is the one who needs to speak.” – The Boy From Medellín

He’s sold more than 35 million singles worldwide. He’s won several, coveted awards including multiple Billboard Latin Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards and more. He’s topped the charts a countless amount of times and has been hailed by Billboard as one of the greatest Latin artists of all time. He’s someone who truly needs no form of introduction – he’s the global phenomenon, J Balvin.

Aside from all of his unparalleled successes, there’s a layer to J Balvin that truly makes him stand out from other artists – that layer is José Álvaro Osorio Balvín. There’s more to the music sensation than his stupendous fashion, remarkable stage presence and effortlessly cool persona. There’s his authentic and genuine being, his discussion of mental health and his transparency with fans that makes J Balvin more than an immensely talented musician – he’s that along with being a beacon of hope and light to his admirers.


In Amazon Prime Video’s inspiring documentary, The Boy From Medellín, viewers enter into the life of the legendary J Balvin as he prepares for one of the most unforgettable milestones in his life and career – a sold-out stadium show in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia. But, what originated as a documentary chronicling Balvin’s preparation for the life-changing moment, expanded into a story bringing awareness to mental health, activism and using your platform for good.

The Boy From Medellín, directed by profound and respected director, Matthew Heineman (the genius behind great works including Cartel LandA Private War, and City of Ghosts, among many others), gives viewers a look into the bustling world of one of the biggest artists to date. As Balvin got ready for a concert he’s worked his whole life for, he didn’t have just rehearsals and soundchecks to focus on, as other artists do ahead of a much-anticipated concert. The documentary juxtaposes the excitement of the long-awaited concert against the political unrest and nationwide strikes happening at odds with Colombian President Ivan Duque. Throughout the film, we see Balvin face an internal conflict of whether or not he should address what’s going on in his country. The iconic musician ponders whether he should remain silent as he feels that entertainment and politics should have a clear division or listen to that tug he’s feeling in his heart to address what’s happening. Balvin gets some clarity from his manager, entertainment powerhouse Scooter Braun, who emphasizes that when you have a platform, it’s your responsibility to stand up for what’s right.


The exceptional documentary presents footage from Balvin’s humble beginnings as well as parts of his epic, adrenaline-filled concert in Medellín that went on for hours! One of the many impactful parts about this documentary is the musician’s raw discussion about his struggle with anxiety and depression. For viewers to see someone like Balvin, who has such an influence on millions and millions of people, talk so openly about mental health, truly helps so many people realize they aren’t alone with what they are going through.

Amazon Prime Video celebrated the premiere of The Boy From Medellín with a surreal and absolutely spectacular, in-person event that took place on May 6, 2021 at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. There couldn’t have been a better location for an event this extravagant. The renowned Rose Bowl Stadium paralleled the massive stadium in the documentary and truly immersed guests into the film even more. The sensational event was an incredibly creative way to mark the return of Hollywood’s in-person premieres as we all slowly but surely adjust to a safe, new normal. Guests were able to enjoy the film on the big screen in their socially-distanced seats with mouth-watering food including tacos and chips and dip from Wolfgang Puck, along with delicious choices of drinks: watermelon refreshers and spicy passion fruit margaritas. Attendees were even able to feel like they were live at a J Balvin concert by having the opportunity to choose merch from J Balvin’s terrific collections.


Alexisjoyvipaccess had the greatest honor of attending the unrivaled premiere of The Boy From Medellín. The night was one to remember and as what consummate director, Matthew Heineman said, you’ll really want to just “take a moment and soak it all in.” The documentary gives an unprecedented look at superstar J Balvin like we have never seen him before. A real look at not just the boy from Medellín, but a look at José – the boy who makes Medellín and the whole world proud.


Watch The Boy From Medellín streaming now on Amazon Prime Video!

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