Article: Instagram And Facebook’s Third And Final Day Of Creator Week Focused On Breaking Into The Entertainment Biz, Finance & More With Special Guests Elsa Majimbo, Hey Berna, And Adam Mosseri – Recap Here!

Elsa Majimbo at Instagram and Facebook Creator Week
Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

After three, remarkable days filled with an endless amount of wonderful surprises, the Instagram and Facebook Creator Week event went out with a bang on June 10, 2021 featuring even more illuminating sessions, special guests and a whole lot of fun. The third day of the virtual event shared a great amount of knowledge with invited creators including insight on how to break into the entertainment industry, pivotal finance tips, how to get started with your very own podcast, and so much more. Attendees had their notebooks and pens in hand jotting down all of the essential advice and vital information shared throughout the event that helped emerging creators with the missing pieces they need to propel their brand to where they want it to be.

The final day of the event began with a magnificent “Breaking Into Entertainment” session with comedian and 15-time chess champion, Elsa Majimbo, her manager, Mo Kheir, Creator+’s Adam Wescott and CAA’s Andrew Graham, who all talked about how creators can stand out in the industry and thrive in the entertainment biz.

Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

Majimbo’s great words of wisdom truly inspired all attendees and emphasized how a big part of achieving success is believing in yourself and believing you’re already well on your way to accomplishing your goals. The vivacious, social media superstar showed the power of affirmations and talked about how “everywhere she wants to go, she is going there right now and if she wants something, it is within her reach to get there. Everything she could want, she has.”

From sharing her great humor with millions of fans, to winning at the E! People’s Choice Awards and working with renowned brands like Fenty, MAC and more, Majimbo truly is a force to be reckoned with. She also spoke about her rise to stardom and said, “This wasn’t something I looked into, it’s something that happened and has given me a different view on life. I was stuck and didn’t know what to do. I jumped into this space that is really unpredictable. For me, it is about getting into a space where there are no limits, you can be and do anything.”

Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

Then, it was time to talk about money, money, money! For creators who are starting to earn a living from their craft, it’s crucial to learn how to budget, save and invest. But, the question is… where do you even begin?! Well, have no fear as financial educator, Hey Berna was at Creator Week to give her best guidance on all things finance.

Hey Berna’s number one tip: set up 5 bank accounts! Yup, not one, not two… but five! Berna Anat, aka the “Financial Hype Woman,” shared that individuals should have two checking accounts including a “ratchetry checking” for fun and an “adulting” checking where you transfer “the money for the things where if you don’t pay it, someone is going to come get you.” She also mentioned how creators should set up three savings accounts – one for landing strip savings, short-term savings, and emergency savings.

With a countless amount of influencers having the money roll in through their fan-favorite content, Hey Berna’s session was something every creator needed to hear in order to set themselves up for success and keep the money flowing in for the long run.

Berna Anat at Instagram and Facebook Creator Week
Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

After the “How Do I Money?” finance crash course, guests were treated to a fantastic panel all about podcasting. Podcasts are taking the world by storm and for creators who love to share their story and learn more about the lives of the guests they interview, launching a podcast may not only be a passion project, but also a way to influence and connect with more people. Attendees got to hear from Spotify’s Courtney Holt and Teenage Therapy Podcast‘s Gael and Thomas all about how to jump start your very own podcast. The discussion was moderated by Instagram’s Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli.

Next, it was time to Ask Adam Anything! Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri chatted with creator and Inc’s 30 under 30, Karen X Cheng all about the burning questions users have about the social media platform. Mosseri shared his expertise and gave guests the 411 on how to grow on Instagram, monetize and spoke about Instagram’s terrific feature, Reels.

Karen X Cheng and Adam Mosseri at Instagram and Facebook Creator Week
Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

“One of the most important things is to experiment, to try new things and figure out what’s resonating with your audience now, because it might be different than it was a half a year to a year ago,” said Mosseri when asked about what the best way to grow on Instagram is.

Mosseri also mentioned, “Leaning to video is good. Videos need to be catchy in the first two seconds to get people’s attention as they scroll by their feed.”

Speaking of videos, to wrap on the final day of the Instagram and Facebook Creator Week event, guests were able to tune in to a thrilling competition where creators shared their video series ideas with judges for a chance to get their very own video deal.

Deal Us In at Instagram and Facebook Creator Week
Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Instagram and Facebook’s Creator Week

For several years now, we have seen how social media has cemented its place in individuals’ everyday lives – from being a positive escape during trying times, to being people’s primary place to turn to for news and the latest updates with what’s happening in the world. The impact of social media will only continue to skyrocket as the years go by.

To the creators we know and love, to the creators who are finding their way, to the creators who are just starting out – the Instagram and Facebook Creator Week event was for you! This sensational, three day event was unparalleled. Creators got to learn from the best of the best — whether it was from accomplished influencers and creators who shared their tips and tricks from their own journeys, or industry executives who gave an inside look at the other side of the creator business. Creator Week was something special and with all of the marvelous knowledge that was shared, we can’t wait to see creators continue to take over the world!

To relive day three of Creator Week all over again, check out the official Creator Week after show, The Rundown below shared on the @Creators Instagram account.


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