Article: Get To Know The Cast Of Nickelodeon’s New Series, “That Girl Lay Lay” With Some Fun Facts About The Cast-Members Here!

Nickelodeon's That Girl Lay Lay Cast
Photo Credits: Nickelodeon

She’s the incredibly talented and vivacious, hip hop star that is making an unforgettable mark in the entertainment world! The music videos for her hit songs “Mama” and “Supersize XL” have garnered close to 90 million views between the two videos. She defines what it’s like to be a multi-threat – a gifted, young lady who not only raps some of the greatest rhymes, but also writes, produces and sings. At 11-years-old, she also became the youngest female rapper to sign a recording deal. She’s the unstoppable Alaya High, known professionally as That Girl Lay Lay, and she is making her way on over to our TV screens with her very own Nickelodeon show set to debut on the kids network later this year.

Nickelodeon announced some exciting news introducing everyone to the cast of the network’s much-anticipated, new, original series, That Girl Lay Lay. The show, which consists of 13 episodes, stars social media sensation and rap queen, That Girl Lay Lay, Nickelodeon’s All That and Unfiltered star, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, Peyton Perrine III, Tiffany Daniels, Thomas Hobson and Caleb Brown.

The wonderful series will bring tons of excitement to our screens with its creative and fun-filled storyline and an all-star and remarkable cast to bring the story to life. “In That Girl Lay Lay, phone avatar Lay Lay is the perfect hype girl and best friend that anyone could ever want from their personal affirmation app. Struggling to make her mark at school and needing a best friend to talk to, Sadie wishes upon a star that Lay Lay was real and could help teach her how to stand out. When her wish comes true and Lay Lay is magically brought to life, the two friends learn that when they are together, they can accomplish anything” (source: press release).


Fans will have a blast getting to join Lay Lay, Sadie and her family and friends through life, magnificent adventures and seeing the power of true friendship.

Now, it’s time to get to know the outstanding cast of That Girl Lay Lay before we all get hooked on this incredible show!

Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High: 

That Girl Lay Lay truly is a force to be reckoned with! She’s gone viral with her stupendous music and her terrific music videos continue to rack up millions and millions of views. She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, where she shares videos of her super catchy songs, great covers, and photos of her being the effortlessly stylish fashion icon that she is! That Girl Lay Lay will star as Lay Lay in the upcoming Nickelodeon series. She has an overall deal with the network, which includes Nickelodeon supporting the superstar with her music career and releasing an exclusive line of consumer products!


Gabrielle Nevaeh Green: 

The fabulous Gabrielle Nevaeh Green instantly stole the hearts of fans worldwide when she first came on our TV screens in Nickelodeon’s All That. She channels Beyoncé in an epic way through all of her “Bed, Bath & Beyoncé” sketches in the series. Gabrielle Nevaeh Green also gets her guess on in Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered, where she has a good time guessing the identities of celebrities who are virtually disguised through unique filters. Aside from being a great actress, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green is also a brilliant singer and even has a single out titled, “Radio.” She will shine as Sadie in That Girl Lay Lay.


Peyton Perrine III:

The awesome Peyton Perrine III has worked on the series, Funny Married Stuff, and now, he gets to celebrate his first ever series regular role in Nickelodeon’s That Girl Lay Lay. Peyton Perrine III loves hanging out with his family – his mom, dad and his brother, and he shares tons of photos with them on his Instagram account. A fun fact about Peyton Perrine III is that he actually just recently graduated from elementary school and is on his way to officially becoming a middle schooler! Peyton Perrine III will star as Sadie’s brother, Marky in That Girl Lay Lay.


Tiffany Daniels: 

The marvelous Tiffany Daniels stars as Sadie’s mom, Trish in the series. We’ve seen the phenomenal Daniels in Grace and Frankie and Station 19. Tiffany Daniels always blows everyone away with her excellent talent. A fun fact about Tiffany Daniels is that she’s also a skillful dancer and she prioritizes on fitness and wellness as seen through her awesome #fitspo posts on Instagram.


Thomas Hobson: 

The amazing Thomas Hobson takes on the fantastic role of Sadie’s dad, Bryce in That Girl Lay Lay. Hobson has a countless amount of stellar roles under his belt. He has starred in The Fresh Beat BandSherman’s Showcase, and many more exceptional projects.


Caleb Brown: 

Meet the awesome Caleb Brown, who will portray the role of Lay Lay and Sadie’s classmate, Jeremy in the series. The wonderful actor has shared his talent in projects including Henry DangerThe OrvilleThe MiddleMother’s Day and more. Something you may have not known about Caleb Brown is that he got his start in the acting world at the ripe age of seven-years-old when he appeared in his first musical!


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