Article: 5 Of The Best Quotes (And 5 More Of The Best Moments) From Netflix’s “Resort To Love” Starring Christina Milian, Jay Pharoah And Sinqua Walls!

Netflix "Resort to Love" Cast
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Netflix’s incredible film, Resort to Love is officially out now on the streaming platform and it truly is the trip to paradise we all have desperately needed. The charming and enjoyable flick follows aspiring music superstar, Erica Wilson (played by the multi-talented Christina Milian) who’s been down on her luck. Her ultimate chance for a break in the music industry was supposed to be at musician Cre’s exclusive listening party; but her big break turns into a big disaster when Cre decides to actually not release the music Erica is featured on and instead, he destroys any records of it. This is added onto the fact that Erica is still trying to heal from a broken-off engagement from a year ago. Seeing that she’s in need to get out of her funk, Erica’s BFF, Amber comes to the rescue and gets her a singing gig at a gorgeous, luxury resort in Mauritius.

Reluctant at first, Erica eventually takes the gig, but to her surprise, there’s a not-so-ideal guest that happens to be staying… er, getting married, at the same hotel… her ex-fiancé Jason (portrayed by the sensational Jay Pharoah)! What happens next is a series of hilariously awkward run-ins, epiphany moments and a whole lot of true love in this phenomenal film that everyone will be experiencing love at first sight off of.

The magnificent film stars the aforementioned Milian and Pharoah, Sinqua Walls, Christiani Pitts, Karen Obilom, Jeryl Prescott Gallien, Tymberlee Hill, Alexander Hodge, TJ Power, Sylvaine Strike and Kayne Lee Harrison. The cast-members’ great energies and extraordinary talents worked seamlessly with each other and created such an entertaining and delightful film.

Christina Milian as Erica Wilson and Sinqua Walls as Caleb King in Resort to Love
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix

There are a countless amount of unforgettable moments seen throughout Resort to Love that will make you want to watch the movie over and over and over again. Whether it’s all of Jay Pharoah’s hysterical facial expressions or the hotel’s driver / band-member / all-around handyman, Barrington going up and doing a synchronized dance with Beverly the night of her bachelorette party to Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass,” there are so many comical, heartfelt and amusing moments from the awesome movie that are so incredibly memorable!

So, if you’ve seen Resort to Love and want to relive the phenomenal film all over again or if you have it up on your queue of movies to watch next, here are five of some of the best quotes from Resort to Love and five more of some of the best moments from the film!

5 Of The Best Quotes From Resort to Love 

  • “Who do you see yourself as? Someone who fuses into the couch or someone who’s ready to take another leap?” – Amber (played by Tymberlee Hill)

It goes without saying, we all need a friend like Amber in our lives. Even if she may or may not have done some magic on the social media algorithm to have her friend, Erica and her ex-fiancé, Jason be reunited at the Mauritius resort, Amber is the driving force of what helped Erica get her groove back, go after her dreams of being a singer and even get the clarity she needed from her break-up with Jason. You go, Amber!

Tymberlee Hill as Amber and Christina Milian as Erica in Netflix's "Resort to Love"
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix


  • “We wouldn’t be musicians if we didn’t feel things so deeply. You’ll get your sea legs back.” – Barrington (played by T.J. Power) 

“Barrington, I am just not in a good place. I don’t think I can do this.” – Erica 

“Sure, you can. You just need the right song.” – Barrington 

This should be a life motto – sometimes, we just need the right song. Barrington coming in with his words of wisdom! Although Erica may have been going through a tough time (singing at weddings and seeing happy couples after your own wedding was called off isn’t the most ideal way to move forward with things), she sure does have the best support system from friends like Amber and Barrington. Who else agrees – sometimes, the right song can change up your mood instantaneously!


  • “So, Beverly tells me you don’t have your wedding song yet, really? Perhaps I can make a suggestion. How about… “Un-break My Heart” by Toni Braxton.” – Erica 

“Uh, for a wedding?” – Beverly (played by Christiani Pitts) 

“Or… what about “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé.” – Erica 

“Girl, that’s a breakup song.” – Beverly 

Hm, is it?! 🤔 This encounter when Erica meets with Beverly and Jason to help them pick out their wedding song has to be one of the funniest moments from the film. #TheShade, Erica, the shade!

Jay Pharoah as Jason King and Christiani Pitts as Beverly Stratford in Netflix's "Resort to Love"
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix


  • “So, what if I made a mistake? What if I should have married her?” – Jason 

“You said… Marry Erica?” – Christian (played by Alexander Hodge) 

“Bro, I was out on that bridge today and she was with me. What if I made a mistake running away from her?” – Jason 

Okayyyy – hello, plot twist! Jason second-guessing his choices before the wedding only leads to more drama!

Alexander Hodge as Christian and Jay Pharoah as Jason King in Resort to Love
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix


  • “For the first time in my life, I have no plan.” – Caleb (played by Sinqua Walls) 

“Maybe you should own that. Don’t worry what everybody expects of you.” – Erica 

“I don’t know how to do that.” – Caleb 

“Neither do I. It’s harder trying to get over what you expect of yourself.” – Erica

This was such a sweet moment between Erica and Caleb. We can want to plan life as much as we want, but sometimes the best thing we can do is simply own the moments when we don’t have a plan.


5 Of The Best Moments From Resort to Love 

1. Erica’s first ever meeting with Caleb 

Meeting a total swoon-worthy guy who just so happens to save you from drowning?! We claim that (okay, maybe not the drowning part, but meeting a swoon-worthy guy while on vacation, yes, please!) Erica’s first meeting with Caleb was oh, so cute and it’s hard not to have the biggest grin on your face while watching this part of the movie.

Christina Milian as Erica Wilson and Sinqua Walls as Caleb King in Resort to Love
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix


2. And now, the awkward first run-in between Erica, Caleb, Jason and Jason’s fiancé, Beverly 

How do you even react if you run in to your ex-fiancé at the same hotel you work at?! *Cue in this extremely awkward and hilarious moment* Jason’s reaction when he first saw Erica was priceless.

3. When Jason froze on the bridge 

Needless to say, Jason’s brother, Caleb and his friend, Christian won’t let him live this moment down. Having a fear of heights is one thing, but having to cross a bridge that’s thousands of feet up in the sky isn’t the best way to get over this fear. But, a special moment came out from this. Erica went back and helped Jason cross the bridge, showing that no matter what, they always care for each other.

4. Beverly’s first dinner with Jason’s parents 

Meeting your in-laws can be… well, a lot. Beverly definitely had quite the awkward first dinner with Jason’s parents. Jason’s mom even called him her “blanket in the shade.” But, thanks to Caleb for coming in to save the dinner with a thoughtful toast to Jason about commitment!

5. Janelle chasing after Erica 

Needless to say, Janelle definitely has her sister Beverly’s back and she will do anything… we mean, ANYTHING, to help her! Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen the film yet, this scene is golden and is a perfect example of the great bond sisters have.

Karen Obilom as Janelle Stratford in Resort to Love
Photo Credits: David Bloomer / Netflix


As you can see, Resort to Love has so many memorable moments that can’t be beat! It’s time to take a trip to Mauritius and watch Resort to Love streaming now on Netflix!

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