Article: Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum And Check Out This All New Clip From Netflix’s Animated Musical Masterpiece, “Vivo” Releasing On August 6th!

Gabi and Vivo in Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation's film, "Vivo"
Photo Credits: Sony Pictures Animation / Netflix

It’s time to dance to the beat of your own drum as Netflix released an incredible, new clip from its much-anticipated, joyous, animated musical, Vivo! The remarkable film from Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation follows an adorable and musically-inclined kinkajou (aka a rainforest “honey bear”) named Vivo who goes through great lengths to bring a beloved song from his owner, Andrés to his former music partner and true love. The harmonious and heartfelt movie takes viewers on an exhilarating journey from Havana, Cuba to the Key West, the Florida Everglades and Miami with tuneful songs interspersed throughout the thrilling adventure and picture perfect animation.

The marvelous, musical masterpiece is directed by Oscar nominee Kirk DeMicco and is written by DeMicco and the brilliant Quiara Alegría Hudes. Netflix announced that the film that everyone has been eagerly awaiting to see will release on the streaming platform on August 6th.

Vivo is a beautiful and touching story that shows that no task is impossible when it is driven by love. The movie emphasizes the great bond that Andrés and Vivo have – a dynamic duo who brings immense delight to people in the streets of Havana with their daily performances. Andrés and Vivo are truly one of a kind and although they may not speak the same language, their great rhythm to the beat and love for music, and each other, goes beyond any barriers.

Andrés and Vivo in Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation's "Vivo"
Photo Credits: Sony Pictures Animation / Netflix

But then, a letter comes in. And, the letter happens to be from the admired and respected artist, Marta Sandoval (voiced by the iconic Gloria Estefan), who invites her former music partner Andrés for one final run to perform with her at her farewell concert. A moment that Andrés has been waiting for, he excitedly gets ready to head over to Miami, so he can finally deliver the treasured song he wrote about Marta that expresses how much he has always truly loved her.

However, when tragedy strikes, the song falls into Vivo’s hands and an awe-inspiring journey awaits as he does all he can to deliver the prized possession of a song to Marta. But, it’s sure not an easy quest, and that’s where vivacious and lively tween, Gabi comes in. Though their personalities may differ, Vivo and Gabi come together to help grant Andrés greatest wish.

The movie features original songs created by the genius, Tony, Grammy and Pulitzer-Prize winning virtuoso, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also voices the role of Vivo in the film. Each of the songs in the flick are so unique and are very catchy. It goes without saying, you’ll find yourself singing along to all of the tunes all day long. 🎶 “If y’all like that, won’t you pass the hat.” 🎶

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Vivo and Ynairaly Simo as Gabi
Photo Credits: Sony Pictures Animation / Netflix

The cast of Vivo includes the aforementioned Miranda and legendary musician Gloria Estefan, Zoe Saldaña as Rosa, Juan de Marcos, who voices the role of Andrés, Brian Tyree Henry as Dancarino, Michael Rooker, who lends his voice to Lutador, Nicole Byer as Valentina, and Ynairaly Simo as the effervescent Gabi.

In the all new clip released by Netflix, viewers are able to step into the Everglades with Vivo and Gabi and listen to the magnificent song, “Keep the Beat.” From drumming on their makeshift raft to overcoming their fears together, this amazing clip will surely get everyone even more excited for the release of this extraordinary film.

Watch a clip of “Keep the Beat” from Vivo below and be sure to watch this sensational film releasing on August 6th!

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