VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Spencer Sutherland Talks About Combining His Passions For Music And Acting In His Feature Film Debut, Netflix’s “Afterlife Of The Party” In His Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess!

Spencer Sutherland in Netflix's Afterlife of the Party
Photo Credits: Graham Bartholomew / Netflix

Alexa, play “Drive” by Koop. It’s time to grab the Lisa to your Cassie and have an impromptu dance party as Netflix’s highly-anticipated film, Afterlife of the Party, is officially out now on the streaming platform! This incredible movie has the perfect blend of exuberant, fun-filled scenes and heartfelt moments, so needless to say, one second you’ll be ready to sing along to one of pop-star Koop’s songs and the next you’ll be wiping away tears after watching a truly touching encounter. Afterlife of the Party is a magnificently-created film that reminds us all to make every moment that we’re living count.

The extraordinary movie introduces viewers to happy-go-lucky party planner Cassie (portrayed by the multi-talented Victoria Justice) and overachieving, hard-working paleontologist and wallflower, Lisa (played by the brilliant Midori Francis). Although they have been best-friends since they were six, the two are quite opposites and have rather different ideas on the best way to ring in Cassie’s 25th birthday week. For Cassie, her ideal birthday is celebrating it by going from one party to the next, while Lisa would rather stay at home, puzzle and enjoy some bestie-time with Cassie eating cold noodles. 

Midori Francis and Victoria Justice in Netflix's "Afterlife of the Party"
Photo Credits: Graham Bartholomew / Netflix

But, when Cassie parties a little too hard, she goes out with a bang… literally… and finds herself in “the in-between.” What’s the “in-between” you may ask? In the words of her now guardian angel, Val, “yeah, [she] died.” Cassie leaves Earth with some unfinished business, and therefore, before she gets sent… you know… up ⬆️ or down ⬇️, she must make things right with three, significant people in her life: her yoga-loving and caring dad who she hadn’t seen in some time, her estranged mom and her best-friend, Lisa, who she left things on a sour note with before she passed. The timer is set and Cassie has only five days to make up for where she lacked in order to get her ticket to the VIP room above. During this journey, Cassie learns a lot about herself, her relationships, and life as a whole, and that it’s never too late to make things right with the people you care about. 

In addition to Justice and Francis, the unrivaled cast bringing life and excitement to Afterlife of the Party includes Robyn Scott, Adam Garcia, Timothy Renouf, Gloria Garcia, Myfanwy Waring, and introducing the great Spencer Sutherland. Afterlife of the Party, directed by Stephen Herek, has an exceptional balance of topics. It focuses on the impact of death, without being too heavy, and parallels it along with the concept of life and living with a purpose. The movie has a countless amount of sensational themes – from the power of female friendships and how Cassie and Lisa are truly invincible and can achieve anything when they are together, to the idea of making the most out of second chances at life. And, aside from the stellar acting from the cast, top-notch outfits (we want to live inside Cassie’s closet!), and awesome moral lessons, the songs featured in the film are superb and will have you instantly adding them to your music playlists. 

Photo Credits: Graham Bartholomew / Netflix

Leaving an ever-lasting impression in this phenomenal film is the outstanding Spencer Sutherland with his standout performance in the movie. Fans know Sutherland for being a music sensation. He competed in the X Factor, has released an abundance of hit songs including “Paranoia,” “Shame,” “Bored,” and many more, and has over a whopping 30 million global streams to date. The “Too Many Friends” singer has also been sharing his acting chops in a lot of projects and what better way to kick off his feature film debut than by combining both his passions for music and acting in Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party

In the movie, Sutherland plays the role of Koop, a pop music superstar and someone that Cassie and Lisa can’t help but fangirl over. The gifted musician was able to collaborate with the film’s creative team to work on multiple songs for the movie, which resulted in four, fantastic tracks worthy of jamming out to all day long: “Blush,” “Drive,” “One Look,” and “Home” (and yes, you can actually listen to these songs on repeat with them being available now on all music streaming platforms!).

You wouldn’t think that this is Spencer Sutherland’s first full-length movie as he excelled in the film with flying colors. Aside from being a wonderful musician and actor, Sutherland also exudes such an effortlessly cool persona with his impeccable fashion sense. A fun fact fans should know is that Sutherland’s style actually had a big influence on his character of Koop, so much so, that the pants he’s wearing in the “One Look” music video scene is actually straight out of his own closet!

Spencer Sutherland’s talent is truly indescribable – from his catchy music to his acting skills – he sure is the life of the party. 

Alexisjoyvipaccess had an excellent time interviewing the remarkable Spencer Sutherland all about what it was like for him to work on his first ever movie, how his style influenced the role of Koop and what his go-to outfit is, what it was like for him filming in South Africa and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Sutherland even described what it was like working on the movie but as a song title and he revealed who he would like to have as his musician guardian angel – hear what he had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below! 

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the amazing Spencer Sutherland below and be sure to catch him as Koop in Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party streaming now! You can also listen to all four of the original songs from the film and add them to the top of your music playlists – “Blush,” “Drive,” “One Look” and “Home” are available to listen to now on all music streaming platforms. 


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