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Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Los Angeles

“What is done in love, is done well.” – Vincent Van Gogh

From The Starry Night to the Vase with Twelve Sunflowers, from the distinct brushstrokes to the colors that fill up every blank space on the canvas, everything seen in the genius Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork is surely done in love and therefore, done (very, very) well. We’ve all seen Van Gogh’s distinguished and legendary works of art in some kind of capacity. Whether you’ve visited the Museum of Modern Art to see The Starry Night in person, down to the young child who has come across these masterpieces through shows or seeing their parent drink from an Irises mug, Van Gogh’s mesmerizing swirls and impasto brushstrokes follow us everywhere.

Well, have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually step inside one of art master Van Gogh’s paintings? How would it feel to find yourself encompassed by his superb works of art in a grand scale? Now, it’s time to not only see Van Gogh’s artwork, but to actually feel it, hear it and experience it in a way like no other by immersing yourself into the Immersive Van Gogh in Los Angeles.

Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh at the Immersive Van Gogh in Los Angeles

Having toured globally including in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, and many more, along with a much-anticipated debut in Dubai, the Immersive Van Gogh Experience has made its way to Los Angeles, allowing visitors to live out Van Gogh’s journey in creating each of his paintings and learn more about the thought process, creativity and imagination that went into each piece. With 500,000 cubic feet of projections, Immersive Van Gogh is certainly not your average art museum, it’s a riveting opportunity to have a different kind of view and perspective on Van Gogh’s artistry in an innovative, unprecedented and affecting way.

With 2,000 works of art under his prolific belt, it’s hard to keep track of Van Gogh’s unmatched collection of paintings. Immersive Van Gogh gives guests the chance to have these stunning and impressive artworks laid out right before their eyes through 14 compelling segments. The experience, which is designed and conceived by Massimiliano Siccardi, is a work of art in and of itself. Add on the groundbreaking soundtrack by Luca Longobardi, that has an eclectic range of tunes from Édith Piaf to modern, melodic tracks, and you’re truly in for an unforgettable treat. 

The Potato Eaters at the Immersive Van Gogh in Los Angeles

At Immersive Van Gogh, attendees get to take a seat and station themselves in socially-distanced circles, where they get a fantastic view of the presentation from every corner of the vast venue space. Then, without futher ado, it’s time for the show to begin. You think you know Van Gogh, until you actually get to know him and his work through this entrancing experience. Key 🔑 suggestion: really utilize your time at Immersive Van Gogh and sit through the presentation twice. The first time will mesmerize you, and the second time, you’ll really be able to dissect every detail of Van Gogh’s paintings and notice things you didn’t see the first time around.

The Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Los Angeles is held at the former location of the renowned Amoeba Records, and the enormous space really allows the vision of the creative team to be brought to life for Los Angelenos and tourists to thoroughly enjoy. As the iconic Amoeba Records passed the baton to Immersive Van Gogh, Lighthouse Los Angeles is the perfect place to host this unmatched experience.

After frolicking in the sunflower fields and being enveloped by Van Gogh’s marvelous pieces, you will, without a doubt, want to experience it all over again. The good news is that Immersive Van Gogh is also offering other kinds of ways to enter into Van Gogh’s world. In what will surely be a completely mind-blowing opportunity, guests are also invited to purchase tickets to a 35 minute yoga class held at the Immersive Van Gogh. This is definitely unlike any yoga class you have ever tried before. With synchronized music and Van Gogh’s majestic artwork surrounding you, this class will be a great spiritual and mental awakening and a terrific way to enjoy the arts while getting your daily workout in.

Gogh with Lifeway Kefir Immersive Van Gogh Yoga
Photo Credits: Van Gogh LA

I, AlexisJoyVIPAccess, had a stupendous time attending the Immersive Van Gogh in Los Angeles with my 91-year-old great-grandmother and uncle. It goes without saying, this installation truly cannot be beat. It feels like a surreal dream to be at the Immersive Van Gogh. My great-grandmother, who is an artist herself and an avid lover of Van Gogh’s work, was in complete awe being there. To see her turn her head around to look at Van Gogh’s artwork surrounding her and see that extra twinkle and glow in her eyes in pure amazement was absolutely magical.


Whether you’re celebrating a family-member or friend’s birthday, looking for the best way to ring in an anniversary, or just simply want a heartfelt date night, Immersive Van Gogh is a magnificent experience for people of all ages.

As what consummate artist Van Gogh said, “I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream.” After a trip to this phenomenal experience, you won’t be able to think about anything else other than your time at the Immersive Van Gogh. So, before you doze off into that starry, starry night, it’s time to get your tickets now to visit Immersive Van Gogh!

Check out my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE vlog of my outstanding time at the Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Los Angeles below and follow @VanGoghLA on Instagram.

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