Article: Prolific Voice-Actor Adam McArthur Joins The Cast Of Not Just One… But TWO, Hit Anime Series – Find Out Which Ones Here!

Voice-Actor Adam McArthur joins "My Villain Academia" arc and cast of "Tokyo Revengers"
Photo Credits: @NinjaMac on Instagram

It’s been another busy year for prolific and in-demand voice-actor, Adam McArthur! He voiced the role of Yuji Itadori in the English dub-version of the highly-acclaimed, award-winning series, Jujutsu Kaisen, and he’s been back at conventions across the nation meeting tons of fans. We can’t forget to mention that McArthur has established himself as a voice-acting icon with his work as Marco Diaz in Star vs The Forces of Evil, and continues to garner more and more supporters in that ever-growing fanbase.

The successes continue to roll in for the boba connoisseur. McArthur had not just one, but two, amazing casting announcements within a week and it’s hard to contain your excitement after hearing this incredible news!

The gifted actor shared that he has officially joined the renowned My Hero Academia family by voicing the role of Koku Hanabata.

McArthur shared the fantastic news on his Instagram account as seen in the post below and wrote, “I am so thankful and EXCITED to announce I’m joining the My Villain Academia arc of @plusultra as Koku Hanabata aka TRUMPET!!! Thank you @funimation for having me!! IM SO HAPPY TO BE ON THIS SHOW #MyHeroAcademia.”

Anime fans globally live and breathe the phenomenal world of My Hero Academia, so much so, that this series has become a classic amongst all viewers. With McArthur being a MHA enthusiast himself, this announcement is extra special and he truly is an asset to the show.

The good news doesn’t stop there! McArthur then hinted that another casting reveal was on its way as seen in the tweet below.

Needless to say, fans were at the edge of their seats waiting for the big news. The three-time, black belt martial artist then shared that he has also joined the cast of Tokyo Revengers.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, Adam McArthur wrote, “So stoked to join the cast of Tokyo Revengers as the eng voice of Chifuyu Matsuno!!! LET’S GOOOOOO!!! New ep out today on @crunchyroll #tokyorevengers #chifuyu.”

The biggest congratulations are due for Adam McArthur for joining the My Villain Academia arc and the cast of Tokyo Revengers. He truly deserves all of his successes and the many more coming as he is such a hard-working, incredibly talented and extremely kind individual! We can’t wait to hear the one and only NinjaMac’s voice in all of these fan-favorite anime series.

Fans can also catch Adam McArthur at Comic Con Amarillo taking place on September 25th – 26th. Now’s your chance to meet the down-to-earth and simply wonderful Adam McArthur, snap some photos and score some signed JJK prints, Star vs the Forces of Evil merch and more! You can get more info on the convention here.

Be sure to follow Adam McArthur on Twitter and Instagram: @NinjaMac and send your congratulatory wishes his way!

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