VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE: Multi-Threat Meecah Talks About Performing In “Hamilton: An American Musical,” Producing Her Own Short Film, “Retribution” And More In Her Interview With Alexisjoyvipaccess!

Actress and singer Meecah
Photo Credits: Meecah

From gracing the theatrical stage performing in Hamilton: An American Musical to producing her very own short film, multi-threat Meecah never fails to blow everyone away with the many spectacular projects she’s working on. The outstanding Meecah has always been surrounded by music – from growing up singing in church to studying musical theater in New York. It goes without saying that Meecah’s intense passion for entertaining people has always ran deep and we’re so grateful to her for sharing her captivating talent with the world.

Meecah has left theater-goers simply speechless with her wow-worthy performances in Hamilton: An American Musical. Acting, in and of itself, is a great feat, but to perform in front of a live audience each night is a true testament to Meecah’s brilliant talent.

However, the theater world was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and live shows and the extraordinary actors who bring magic to the stage, were greatly affected. But, nothing can prevent the sensational Meecah from putting on a terrific show! In fact, where opportunities ran low, Meecah found a way to stay busy and continued to work on her phenomenal craft by bringing out a truly excellent project of her own, her short film, Retribution.

The remarkable actress and singer not only produced the short film, directed and starred in it, but she also worked on the entire soundtrack for the flick as well. Needless to say, Meecah wore many hats in the creative process of Retribution, and all of her hard work paid off in creating such a powerful short.

Retribution follows “a young woman named Jadé whose Bahamian father (Dondre Tuck) was murdered in front of her as an eight-year-old. Several years later, grown and determined Jadè (Meecah) executes her plan to destroy the chain of command responsible for her father’s death, not knowing what unimaginable horror is waiting for her at the top. The cast also includes Toree Alexandre (Luke Cage, Vampires vs. The Bronx) and Gabriel Salgado (Attraction Man, The Finest)” (source: press release).

In addition to being a riveting watch, one of the most special parts about Retribution is that Meecah used this film as a way to help BIPOC actors and crew-members work during the pandemic.

With several, amazing singles under her belt, an upcoming EP on the way, a short film that will definitely win awards during the film festival circuit, and her return to theater with the Philadelphia tour of Hamilton, Meecah shows what it’s like to be truly unstoppable!

AlexisJoyVIPAccess had an awesome time interviewing the wonderful Meecah all about the inspiration behind creating her stellar film, Retribution, what it was like for her being able to help BIPOC actors and crew-members during an unprecedented time through her amazing, passion project, what it was like working with UFC fighter, Din Thomas for the fight choreography in Retribution and so much more only in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview. Meecah even revealed what are some of her pre-show rituals before she gets ready to perform live on stage for Hamilton – see what she had to say in our VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview below!

Read my VIPAccessEXCLUSIVE interview with the immensely talented Meecah below and be sure to check out her fantastic short film, Retribution out now.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Congratulations on all of the terrific success with your career! Can you tell us what inspired you to focus your life around acting? 

Meecah: My life is focusing on anything artistic. Right now, acting seems to be the lens of expression, but I’ve always thought on this side of the brain and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do it for a living.

Photo Credits: Meecah

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: You star in Hamilton: An American Musical. What is that exceptional experience like for you? 

Meecah: It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful to be able to see the country and experience all different types of people and cultures. It makes me incredibly humbled. I get to live in a space where the world is so much bigger than my four walls. I’m learning so much on the stage and off.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Performing in front of a live audience is rather different from working on set filming for a TV show or movie. If you could describe the feeling you get performing live on stage for Hamilton in just one word, what word would that be? 

Meecah: Magnetic

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Live theater and Broadway was greatly affected by the pandemic. You continued to stay busy during this tough time by creating your own short film, Retribution. Can you tell us the inspiration behind creating this film? 

Meecah: In short, Retribution came about because of the lack of opportunity that was overwhelming me. I needed to do something to change the trajectory of my career and I was blessed to be given all of this time in space due to the pandemic. It was so easy to become negative, but I couldn’t let myself live in that place. I wanted to honor my grandfather who is extremely proud of his Bahamian heritage and I wanted to make a movie. This was the perfect hybrid of both.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: You also produced the brilliant soundtrack for the short film. What was the creative process like for you working on the soundtrack? 

Meecah: It’s so interesting because A.tribe gave me a batch of beats and upon hearing them, I really could not write, but as the pandemic continued, I was experiencing these life-changing moments, and the immediate response was to write them all down. So, it’s extremely therapeutic and my fans have been waiting for a long time for new music, so this is my gift to them.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: It’s amazing that during these unprecedented times, you helped open work for BIPOC actors and crew-members through Retribution. What was it like for you to not only create a remarkable project, but also help a lot of people while working on your art? 

Meecah: It has been the most humbling and gratifying experience all in one. Toree, Dondre, and Drew — just to name a few — were so incredibly gracious. They came hungry, they came ready to work, even with all of their accolades. This is my first time directing and they were so patient with me and relieved a lot of pressure. They also gave 1000% to this job, and it’s their energy, among other things, that kept me going.


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: There are a lot of fight scenes seen throughout the film. Can you tell us a little more about what it was like working on the fight choreography with UFC fighter Din Thomas? 

Meecah: I love my #DinBurger. From the beginning, he was in it to win it and had no reason to be so committed. I was another girl off the street and he was this successful UFC pioneer, but at the end of the day, he was just an artist who recognized the hunger in my eyes and believed in me. To this day, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him because of how much he dedicated himself even while filming TV shows and working with other fighters. He is incredible and I will forever work with him any chance I get.

AlexisJoyVIPAccess: What are you looking forward to the most for fans to see in Retribution?

Meecah: Me flexing my Spanish in one of the scenes that has no English at all, only subtitles ;-)


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Going back to Hamilton, you’re embarking on the reopening of the Philadelphia tour, can you tell us what some of your pre-show rituals are before getting ready to perform on stage? 

Meecah: I wish I could say that I had a ritual. But really, I just try not to eat a big meal, pop a Ricola in a cup of hot water, and pray to God that I decrease as he increases. Other than that, I just go and have fun.

Meecah starring in Hamilton: An American Musical
Photo Credits: @Meecah on Instagram


AlexisJoyVIPAccess: Lastly, if you could bring out one message to all of your fans, what message would that be? 

Meecah: The word “No” is a door, not a wall.

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